Sunday Seven - Episode #302

Christmas is still a good way off, but it’s never too early for some of us to start making our wish list.

Do you have a list of gadgets or other items that you’d really like to see under your tree? What if that tree were somehow to magically appear in your living room tomorrow morning with seven gifts under it?

Do you think you could come up with seven items you’d like to see under the tree? That’s the topic for this week. Thanks for dropping by!

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Name seven gifts you’d really like to receive if tomorrow were Christmas morning.

Oooh! You ready to find out just how avaricious I can be?

1. I want an iPad in the worst way! I want the SkyView app for that, and someday I hope to have it.

2. There are a couple of 3,000 piece jigsaw puzzles I want to get: The Kitchen, The Dog Show and The Orchestra.

3. Merrill Ultra Ice shoes in Perfect Plum. Merrill shoes are the best, most comfortable, amazing sockless shoes. They are lined with fuzzy stuff that keeps my feet nice and warm.

4. The 200-CD drawer cabinet that holds 19 CDs to a drawer and has little cards that you can use to mark them, like A - Ch. I need that!

5. Silver jewelry - and Luis is very good at finding just what I love.

6. A new carpet for the sunroom, which is in terrible shape.

7. I really, really, really want to go to the Moon... but the $100,000 price tag is a little high, still...

Just wait. By December I'll have three times that amount if not more. I can absolutely by bought. I'm terribly avaricious. I admit it.


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