W.T.F. Meme - Shooting Marshmallows While Living in a Zoo

Just a quick note: I want to thank my boyfriend for helping me write some of these questions. After a crappy day, I really needed help with questions ...

1) If you were forced to live for a year in a shopping mall, a museum, or a zoo, which would you choose and why? Oh, the Hayden Planetarium in Manhattan. Without a doubt. It has everything - decent food, all those cool weight measurements for each planet and moon, goodies in the shops, a year there would be fun!

2) If there was a male version of Victoria's Secret, what would you think it should be called? Hmmmm. John's Open Viewing. Men probably couldn't keep sexual conquests and weird under garments a secret, ha, ha!

3) My boyfriend says he wants Weezer's song "Death and Destruction" played at our wedding. What would be a song you'd never expect to hear played at a wedding? Anything by Eminem. Not romantic... unless you're really angry.

4) If your brain worked like a cell phone and could have applications, what three apps would you most want to be able to run inside your head? Interesting question. I have a very basic phone, so I know very few apps. Sky View is one. I'd have to have that. Um... well... is Facebook considered an app? Probably not. I guess just Sky View will have to do.

5) You're feeling the desire to act like a kid again and you've been challenged to a "gun" fight. Which do you choose -- a water gun, a Nerf ball gun, or a gun that shoots marshmallows? A gun that shoots marshmallows! Definitely - how cool is THAT?!

6) What is your opinion of pet cemeteries? Pet cemeteries are WAAAAY too expensive and I consider them the same way I consider people cemetaries... a waste of good earth. Although it is funny I should say that, because I love perusing old burial grounds to read the 16th, 17th and 18th century headstones!

7) I woke up to discover that my new puppy had climbed into my laundry basket full of clean clothes and pooped. Talk about a crappy way to start your day. What is a sure-fire way to start your day off wrong? Waking up in agony... which, unfortunately, describes nearly ever day. So I get over it. You really can get over anything, you know.

8) How much money would a company have to offer you for you to agree to cover your personal car in an advertisement? I'm not sure how to answer this question. What do you mean?

9) If you suddenly found yourself living in a country (like North Korea) that is hated by pretty much the rest of the world, would you try to move or stay where you are and hope things get better? Oh, no, I'd have to get out. Then again, you are asking me a question that I am answering as an American, where I am a free person. If I were North Korean, I might feel that I would have to stick it out and hope for things to improve, since it is a Communist country and very hard to leave.

10) If you could choose between being invisible or being able to fly, which of these two superpowers would you choose? I would really want to fly - imagine being able to view the beauty of the world from a completely different angle! Oh, the pictures I could take! Invisibility would just get me in trouble. I can do that all on my own...


BPD in OKC said…
There are a lot of companies out there now that will pay random people to cover their personal vehicles in ads. These people don't work for the companies they're advertising. I'm seeing more and more ads on random cars in my city

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