Booking Through Thursday

What are you reading now? I'm reading The Complete Idiot's Guide to the American Revolution, again. I find that history delivered this way is not dry and boring, just history and heaps of fun.

Would you recommend it? Yes, I would, especially for those people who hated it from school - a teacher who has been standing in front of a classroom full of teenagers with closed expressions and that dull, eyes-glazed look and having two years to go until they are tenured will suck the joy out of history; taking it in like this, through these style books, makes it fun and interesting and easily digested in well-designed fun chunks. It also allows the reader to jump all around the book as s/he wishes to do.

And what’s next? I'm not sure. If John Grisham's new book, The Litigators, is out, I'll read that next, but I think its release date is sometime in late October.


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