Sunday Seven - Episode #307

"Here in Charleston, the weather has gone from about 96° to about 72° — or even less — in a matter of days.
The weathermen say we shouldn’t get used to this too quickly: more hot weather is on the way. But in the meantime, we’ve been able to enjoy much cooler, fall-like weather.

Which got me thinking about this week’s topic.
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Name your seven things you’re looking forward to doing now that the weather is about to start turning cooler.

Ah, this is my favourite of all seasons. And here, the temperature dropped on Thursday from when I went to get bagels that morning and it was 85 degrees and that afternoon, when I went to the Thai place and it was suddenly in the low 60s. It actually dropped in about two hours. (That was a little freaky...)

1. Leaf peeping - I love the changing leaves. Although the summer weather was not conducive to a brilliant, long-lasting autumn leaf season, it still will be autumn and I will still love it. In fact, the leaves should have started with the trees across the street (the younger maples begin by the end of August), the rest will start in the next couple of weeks.

2. Hiking - I can't hike like healthy people can, with the DM II, but I know where I can go and how much I can take, so I will do it. Go to nice, quiet, leafy places and enjoy the cool, crisp air and incredible colours.

3. Wearing jeans or cargo pants and sweaters and boots. I never miss summer wear. I'm a sweater and boots kind of person.

4. Pumpkin-picking - I always go to the pumpkin patch with either Luis or my father and select pumpkins for carving. I get gloves from the squad to gut the pumpkins (I've got my weirdisms, and I hate the insides of the pumpkins... so slimy), put together the design of my choice, tattoo it to the front of the pumpkin and then carve it out. I'm meticulous and love doing it. I used to enter it into the contest at Baltusrol, too. I'm still going to do it, there just won't be a contest for me. But that wasn't why I did it.
5. Decorating the house for autumn - oh, yes. What did you think, only people with kids do it? I have lots of leaf things and fall decorations to bestow upon the house. I also swap out my summer candle fragrances for my autumn ones (Yankee Candle's "Autumn Leaves" is my favourite, so is "Apple Cider").

6. Well, this won't happen that much now, because thanks to the severe flooding here and so many Parsippany residents out of homes and belongings, I have already gone through most of the clothing to donate. However, there are still a couple of bins to go through, so I will still have some clothing to give. That is normally an autumn task for me, not a summer one.

7. Lay out in the hammock for the final times until it is time to put it away for the season. And the last weekend of the Renaissance Faire is this coming weekend, so that is one more thing I'd like to do...

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