WTF Wednesday - Avoiding Foods While Filling out Paperwork on the Day of Peace

1) Thought Catalog has posted a list of "20 Foods To Avoid On A Date." What is a food you avoid when you're eating with other people? Well, specific foods would take some thinking, but generally, I stay away from anything that will either drip on me so I'll end up wearing a food or anything that will become lodged in my teeth, thus looking very attractive and highly visible when I eat. Charming.

2) My future husband recently checked the "married" box on official paperwork by accident instead of "single." Have you ever made a funny accident on official paperwork? Hmmm. I have funny stuff on paperwork all the time because New Jersey does not recognise common law marriage and Luis and I have been living together for well over 21 years. This means that I have a conundrum with legal paperwork because if I list him as my "husband" it is assumed that money is shared. It is not, but they don't know that. So I used to put in POSSSLQ, which was an old IRS term meaning Person of Opposite Sex Sharing Same Living Quarters and could be found on old tax return forms. It is no longer in use. So I am constantly explaining what this means.

3) The October issue of "Redbook" magazine says 66 percent of its readers like the idea of male engagement rings. How do you feel about engagement rings for men? It doesn't matter what I think of them; it matters what Luis thinks of them. I gave him an engagement ring - a Celtic knot ring - and while he wears it and never takes it off, he does endlessly gripe about it. So I leave it alone (I wanted to get him a better ring at one point, but I suspected the ensuing battle to get him to wear it would not be worth it...).

4) Today (Sept. 21) is the International Day of Peace. If you were the leader of a country, how would you promote peace among its residents? I don't know how that could be done. Imagine if I had that answer? I'd be able to market it and get rich if I got the various middle east and African nations to stop committing genocide or other atrocities and play nice together!

5) Where (or when) do you feel the most peaceful? Oddly enough, when I went to Ireland in 1985. The troubles were still raging then and the tour originally designed to take us to the Cliffs of Moher, Londonderry and Ulster had to be redone to remove those areas, as the violence was out of hand there. So we made a circle through Shannon, Cork, Youghal ( pronounced yawl), the Black Mountains, Waterford, Wexford, through Kilkenny and Killarney, Wicklow, into Dublin. We stayed in Dublin at least two days, then to Holyhead, Wales to go up into Scotland. It was all very peaceful except for the major cities, such as Dublin, Glasgow and Edinburgh. London, absolutely. But everything else was just lovely.

6) Today is World Gratitude Day. What are three things you're grateful NOT to have in your life? How curious. Three things I'm grateful not to have... well, let's see. Oh, yes, Number One: Children. I have never, do want now, and never want to have kids. This is not for me. That is the very top of the list. Number Two would be a large family. I have a handful of relatives on my mother's side, less on Ray's and Harry's side. I'm grateful for that. I'd hate to come from a huge family like so many people I know. And the final item is I'm grateful I don't care for fried foods. I'm fat already. The last thing I need is to weight another 100lbs because I love greasy, oily, fried foods.

7) How many pillows are too many pillows on a bed? Three. I have one. Luis has two, but I cannot get him to understand that the two-pillow thing just adds to the complications of his snoring. Even with the C-Pap this still creates issues.

8) If your bank accidentally deposited an extra $500 to your account, would you alert them to the error or keep the money? Oh, no, I would alert the bank. That happened once (many years ago) where an excess $650 showed up and I told the bank I had at the time that I did not deposit this and it wasn't mine. They argued with me and for two weeks I parked it in my savings account to earn interest and keep it where I could not spend  it. Sure enough, they finally figured out whose it was. I stuck it into Checking, they took it back, and I kept what little interest it earned. But it does happen, and eventually, they do figure it out. Don't ever keep it!


CrystalChick said…
Yay, I'm back to blogging ... again.
We might go to a buffet for dinner tonight. I imagine we'll be looking like pigs at the trough with so many varieties of foods to choose from. In mixed company, I might avoid garlic, but out with hubby any food is fine for either of us. :)

Happy weekend!

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