Praise Wagoning - Cinn's Friday 5 (16 Sept.)

[01] What is the last prize you won? I have to think about that. Not because it happens so frequently but because it almost never happens. I think it was the Baltusrol Holiday party from 2009. I put my one ticket in the basket for the prize that was a beautiful set of poker chips. Luis really wanted a set as a gift, and they were rather expensive, and there was not any other gift I wanted (there were a couple of iPods, but I already had my Nano, so I was very happy with mine. Anyway, when Judy had someone draw the ticket for the chips, I won them. I was very happy and Luis was. too.

[02] In what era do you think you were meant to live?
Too many choices, now! I love some many different time periods that it is hard to pick one... but in actuality, while I would love to visit other eras, I would not like to go to other eras to live. This is my time. Space travel was in its infancy for all intents and purposes. I have seen so many advancements made in my time, that it is hard to imagine living in any other time. I would hate to miss seeing all that I have in my own lifetime.

[03] What is your favorite amusement park ride?
I love the crazy loop-de-loop, throw you around, no feet on the ground rides. Do I have a favourite? I don't think I can think of one that is my favourite. I don't usually spend much time going to amusement parks. It happens we did go to Six Flags in June or July, but that was unusual. I went on all the crazy rides I could - twice, on each - and loved it, but then we went on the lag flume and while the ride is very tame in comparison, it was nice to get wet in the hot sun.

[04] What is the spiciest food you enjoy?
You would not believe it. I love the dish Pineapple Fried Rice, with pineapple, fried rice, an assortment of vegetables, raisins, cashews, egg (which I don't get in it), and chicken and shrimp. I suspect the average person gets it sans heat, but there is level 2, which is considered "American spicy" and then there is me - I eat it at level 8. I guess that would be a three alarm fire. But I love it. The heat is very flavourful, not hot just for shock. I love it. Both Luis and Ray find level 3 to be entirely too hot for them.

[05] Do you tan or burn?
I fry like an egg in the broiling sun then fade back to winter white. Even when I do "tan", I'm so light no one can tell the difference. So I have long since given up on the idea of tanning.


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