Cinn's Friday Five - Lounging (2 Sept.)

[01] What do you prefer to be called? Aislinge or Ash, never Ashley, as that is not my name.
[02] If someone were to tell you that you remind them of someone, who would it be? I've been told often that I remind people of either Molly Ringwald or Ally Sheedy. I don't see it and it is not said so much now - when I was younger, I heard it fairly often. I still could not see that. I think they are both attractive women and I would not describe myself that way.
[03] For whom would you walk ten miles to see? I suppose most any of my friends. I hope they are patient... walking ten miles would take me quite some time.
[04] What is the last meal you cooked for someone else? Not for years and years have I cooked - for myself or anyone else. I hate cooking. I really have no idea how to cook.
[05] In one week, how often do you have a "bad hair day?" Well, my hair is fairly short, so I don't often have really bad hair days. That is a relief. I don't want to have to worry too much about my hair.


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