Cinn's Friday 5 - Contact (23 Sept.)

[01] How many texts do you send per day? None. I don't even have texting enabled on my phone. As an EMT, I see far too many idiots texting while driving. I feel these people need to be in jail. No one would be hurt from that, and the streets would certainly be safer. In fact, one night jail time and a good, hefty fine of at least $500 for the first offense would be good. It beats letting them kill the rest of us with their thoughtlessness and overblown sense of importance.

[02] How many phone calls do you make in a day?
As little as humanly possible. I am not a big phone person, as I had to do so much of it throughout my career. I prefer e-mail. It is easier and I can answer it at my leisure.

[03] How many emails do you send in a day?
Now that I'm working, not nearly as many as I used to. I suppose on average I send about ten to twelve a day. Kind of... I don't know anymore. When I worked, it was many. Life is slower now.

[04] Who is the person you contact most?
My father - I usually call him every other night, sometime every night. I think I'm the only person he has any regular contact with, now that he is my mother's personal slave.

[05] With whom do you least like to contact?
My mother. She had a series of strokes in 2008 that could have completely been avoided. Now she can't talk. She can't do anything at all. I hate seeing her. I know she loves this life, but I hate the way she treats my father.


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