WTF Wednesday - Swapping Lives with an Annoying Pitchman on Donut Day

1) On a airplane, would you prefer to sit in an aisle seat or a window seat? Why? Oh, always the window seat! I always want to look outside and see whatever I can. I love to fly - seeing the earth from that viewpoint is so dramatically different from the way we see it every day.

2) Today (Sept. 14) is National Cream-filled Donut Day. What is your favorite type of donut? I'm a purist and call it a doughnut. My favourite kind of Bavarian Creme. I love the creme inside and the chocolate compliments it nicely. I eat them very infrequently, though - they give me the worst heartburn. It's the greasy part of the cooking process that does it. I've never been successful in staving off the heartburn, either.

3) What are the four most important things children should learn in school? All the stuff they did not teach in my day (and may still not teach): how to balance your checkbook and save money and live on a budget; how to get a job from soup to nuts; how to learn instead of just memorise; and how to have confidence in dealing with people.

4) On Tuesday, The CW premiered its new TV show "Ringer" and ABC Family has its new show "The Lying Game." Both shows are about identical twins who switch places. If you had a twin, would you ever swap lives with him/her? To effectively answer that, I'd need to have a twin and be close enough to her to know what her life is like. If she is not living a really great life, or has drug problems, or is unable to keep a job or something, would I want to experience that life? And when it came time to resume my good life, would that present its own issues? And no thanks if it was the other way around, as well. I would not want her to have my life if it wasn't good. And when it came time to go back, would I willingly give it up? Probably not.

5) Yesterday (Sept. 13) was Fortune Cookie Day. If you could write your own fortune cookie, would would it say? You'll receive great fortune... in bed.

6) Who is the most annoying product pitch-man (or pitch-woman) on TV? Oh, hey, I actually know this one! I usually never watch the adverts thanks to TiVO, but this I have seen - the woman on the auto insurance commercials. The setting is all white and she has dark hair and is SO UNBELIEVABLY ANNOYING! She is super-perky and just terribly annoying. UGH! She should be thrown off the telly. I never remember what she's selling (not the brand) and I hate her character enough to not ever buy that. I'm not one who responds well to adverts.

7) A new study says over 40 percent of people suffering from symptoms of depression won't discuss it with their doctors due to fear of being put on antidepressants. Do you tell your doctor about all your health problems? Yes, sure I do. I'm not worried about him putting me on more drugs - thanks to the muscular dystrophy, I have a regiment of drugs that are off the charts to begin with. If I went to him and said I want something for the depression of being disabled and not working (oh, and having NJ Disability turn down my claim) I think he would recommend I talk to someone professional rather than try drugs for the issue. If nothing else worked, maybe he'd try that...

8) One of my boyfriend's friends randomly had a child come up to her in a store and ask her where she buys her underwear. What is the weirdest question you've been asked by a child? I couldn't tell you. I ignore kids as much as they, thankfully, ignore me. Life is good that way.


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