The Giant Book in the Kitchen

In the new Blogger interface, I discovered that I have 2027 posts. Of these, 2005 are actively visible and 22 are in Drafts, the oldest of which is this one, from (oh my - how embarrasing) 23 October 2008. Goodness me oh my, how did I forget this? Easy.

On the old interface, Drafts were only visible if one clicked on the Drafts folder or if one is on that page in Edit Posts that show the dates of the posts. Since this one is what, three and a half years old (actually, closer to four years old), this would not have been effective. So now, with the new interface, there it was: 22 drafted but not completed posts. Groan.

I have a need to finish them and post them to the system. I'm just OCD enough that this will keep me awake if I don't do it. So here we go, back in time to 23 October 2008. (I will warn you now that you will be getting short-changed to SOME extent as I cannot recall details that far back. You have been duly warned.)

"There is this enormous tome in the Chef's office.

It is enormous and it is white with screaming green (in real life it is called chartreuse, but it is a truly lurid colour - I couldn't miss it). And Chef was telling me that it is loaded with foods where the guy who does this is changing the molecular structure of the food or ingredient. I was appalled. It sounds quite crazy. I don't get this."

Now, of course, molecular gastronomy is its own recognised science, especially on the telly, which has a horrific amount of reality shows. Of course, Luis, with that honed sense of the ridiculous on telly programming, homed in on a cooking show that showcases this new science of meals... and I must say, the results are interesting.

I'm still enough of a fussbudget that you won't see me chowing down on this anytime too soon, and although Luis is very interested in trying it, he is far less interested in paying for it, as it must be expensive. This is still very new and few restaurants practise it. At some point, however, he will find a place and make a reservation and then I will have to go. Sigh...

I find it ironic that I noticed this book, began a post, put down just enough to expound on it, and recognised it now for what it was. In 2008 - 2010, I would not have known it for scientific molecular gastronomy. I only first learned of it in May of this year, when Luis sucked me into watching a show on it. Rather funny!


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