3x Thursday: 07/17/y2k+8: How Come?

1. How come we have to put so much effort into keeping our bodies healthy? Has it always been this hard?

It wasn't; for the simple fact that 1. people had to be more physical when the technology did not exist to make jobs faster, better, easier, automated, and 2. foods were natural back not that many years ago. Everything now is microwavable, easier, faster, and made of 50,000 chemicals. While you could argue that chemicals are natural because all things came from nature if you dig down far enough, you cannot convince me that the human race is going down a healthy or good road from our substitution of natural for junk and chemically induced or enhanced food.

Now we are fast becoming a race of fat and generally unhealthy people. We all live longer, but at what price? Surely not a good one, or one that is really too high. Longer, yes, but good quality? Not so much, I think...

2. Why do you think some people put things like work and 'having nice things' before just being a happy person?

I don't. It took me a while to realise that 'having nice things' did not in fact cure my woes or make me happy - happier than I can make myself. I am happy person by nature, but not without some effort on my part. Sometimes I reread the best books, such as Don't Sweat the Small Stuff at Work (And It's All Small Stuff) and Enjoy The Ride!. These are great books. These are wonderful for getting your frame of mind back to the right one. And they both address the assumed need for stuff.

My work is important, but a happy and balanced life is the top of the list. That includes work - I love what I do and wouldn't have it any other way - but work is an aspect of my life, not my whole life.

3. How come human beings in general are so selfish? Don't you think we should be helping each other out instead?

Not all of us are totally self-immersed. Look at those of us who are police, EMTs, firefighters, heavy rescue, teachers, nurses, social workers, etc. We aren't in our work for purely selfish reasons, not at all. Social workers and nurses are paid, so are most teachers, the rest of us are paid or vaolunteers (or both) and we do the work that we do to give something to back to people. Don't give up on the whole race!


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