Olympics 2008 - Part II

Yes, once again I am watching the Olympics, soaking up the good stuff. Diving has begun and the Chinese team has done an amazing job on the qualifying rounds. Now the United States team is on the floor, but one of them, Samantha Pezsek, did not go out onto the floor. No one seems to know why yet.

The lead girl made a big error, she was two feet out of bounds. Ouch. And the announcers are not helping. Comments such as "there is no doubt that the United States will qualify" are heaping yet more pressure on these athletes. How do they know that? There are a gazillion factors to this kind of competition and they are already at a disadvantage by being down one team member.

The second one up landed out of bounds and that is a big hit. A bigger hit than the first one. The first girl lost 0.3 points and this one lost 0.5 points. That is not at all good. Let's see how number 3 does... She's very long. Tall, but very slender. Wow. She was very close to being out of bounds, but appears to have been just inside. She finished without issues. Well. That was lucky. There is one more up, let's see what happens.

Johnson, the favourite, is next. The third girl was very long; Johnson is the opposite. Short and stocky, like a barrel. What a dichotomy that is. A study in contrasts.

She did a great job, coming very close to the edge at one point but not over. She was very, very strong. Good thing, with the errors that the first two committed. But they look stronger. And there is still the horse, uneven bars and other fun things.

Funny thing about the U.S. team... they are all different body types, but they are all similar in colouring. They all have straw coloured hair and blue-grey eyes. What is up with that?

Uh-oh, George W. Bush is on, for a live interview... well. If he sounds stupid with a scripted teleprompter, image how mentally stunted he sounds live, just answering off-the-cuff questions. He doesn't look smart, either. He is staggeringly awful. Stuttering and stumbling over answers. Duh, er, um... If you don't have a good television presence, how can you even have a shot at this?
Whoa. He really is stupid. He brought up religion in a conversation that had nothing to do with it.

Well, time for me to get ready for tonight.


CrystalChick said…
OH well you KNOW dubya is not my favorite either.
For some reason I'm thinking that while doing trip research recently that I read he visited the Resort Spa I'm looking into for Cancun. So if we end up there, I hope to GODDESS his picture isn't framed somewhere. I'd have to magic marker a hitler moustache on it.

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