A Completely New Look!

I like this a lot, lot more!

I was hoping to find a wider set up with this - the blog only takes up x amount of space and there is all sorts of wasted space to either side of it. I could not find anything that would widen it. However, I did find a new look, set-up and colour-scheme. I shifted around the different blocks and took out the sites that are no longer active, added some new ones in and put the most popular blogs of others that I like to read.

Mary Says... is at the top of the list, followed by The Wonderful World of Nothing, and then a couple of others (new ones) and my next project will be to find more good blogs to look over. There are a lot of them out there. I like good writers and funny stories. Moc Mom would not be a normal stop for me (she's quite religious and I doubt she'll want to become friends with me, heathen that I am), but her writing is better than average (dare I say exceptional?) and funny - especially the posts about dealing with her baby girl. She is a warm, caring, devoted mother but clearly has the aggravations of any parent - and admits it! She loves her child but voices clearly all the frustrations that parents feel but won't admit.

I'll have more to put up as time goes on, and hopefully people will answer the little voting thing that it there. I like this a lot and it is a good change from the previous looks!


CrystalChick said…
Awww, you are so kind to put me at the top of your list!! I still have Michael on my blogroll too although I've haven't visited his page in awhile. I'll have to stop by there soon. I always read James and try to comment often. He's very cool.
My blogroll has been in alphabetical order for some time. It got too hard to manage any other way. But dear Aislinge, you're definitely one I read all the time!

Regarding the side spaces:
I do not know how to do it myself, but there are ways to utilize the side bars. Maybe if you go to my blogroll and click on 'tips for new bloggers', I think that's it, you could find info at that site??

I voted already! And I'll do the meme if I can get into my blog page. For some reason I'm okay at others pages, but can't view my own tonight?

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