Sales Gimmicks Galore!

Here is a Web site to avoid at all costs:

One of many, I'll grant you that. It looked like this:

Take a Free IQ Test
The Average IQ is 100.
What is yours?
Find out now.

I took the quiz, but judging by the questions I had a bad feeling - after ten actual intelligence-type questions, there would be little traps at the bottom for this or that information. When I completed the test, I had to register to get my results. Had I known the cheating, lying Web site would not give them to me without successfully sucking me into getting some rip-off "free" thing, I would have closed the page prior to filling it out. As it was, I did not give it the correct mailing address or phone number. It is unacceptable and unreasonable to think I would willingly do that.

After about fifteen pages of sales items and then lists and lists of items per page (busily skipping to the bottom and clicking SKIP instead of SUBMIT), I got finished clicking NO on about twenty-five items and a little message came up. It informed me I had to say yes to one item and then I could skip filling in the info. Sensing a trap, I closed the page.

OK, well, they redeemed themselves to one extent: I got an e-mail from them in my Spam folder (good old Yahoo!, they never go wrong! I very much love my Yahoo! service. Highly recommend them!) from these people:

Thank you for taking our Free IQ test. Your IQ Score is 139

I'm not unhappy with that. Granted, an IQ test in real life likely consists of far more than 30 questions, but for a quickly done test, and seeing that the average is low, like 100, I will feel good about my 139... maybe even gloat, a teensy bit.

But I assure you, Dear Reader, that when I get home my briefly swollen ego will return to its rightful and shrunken size... Luis is likely a 180. Try living with that and NOT think you are an idiot. (Of course, you do know what they say about that fine line between genius and insanity... at least I can spell, though!) See for my spelling test results.


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