Wednesday Weirdness: The "Ex" Files

1. When your relationships end, are you the instigator of the breakup or the recipient?

It depended on who it was I broke up with. One was definitely me, I just reached a point where I knew there wasn't a future for myself and Tom. Six months after I met Luis, and then six months after that, I moved in with him. That was almost eighteen years ago - 1 October 1990 we moved in together. Wow.

With Butch, well, Joe scared him. Joe... well... we had been growing apart. He ended it, but it was what I wanted. Peter was great, but I thought we were just friends with benefits. I found out years later he hadn't thought that. How funny.

2. Do you save things from your ex, or get rid of them? If you save them, how? If you trash them, how?

I don't know if I've anything left from any of my former relationships, except photos. I never trashed anything that I was given that way, but over time, I have probably parted with other things. And I am not one to do that anyway.

3. Describe your favorite ex?

My favourite ex? I suppose it was Peter Feld. He has a great sense of humour. One time I was telling him how my mother told me that all men consider their vehicles to be extensions of their penises and Peter said, "I wrecked my pecker six times?!" That was really funny.

Just the other day, I was thinking about Bitch, a past boyfriend I haven't thought of in years. Many, many years. Butch played guitar for a punk band that I met through a friend of mine in Passaic. Butch was around 6'5" and gentle and so good looking. We had a great time together. He came after Joe and Joe kind of scared him off.

4. Do you consider a friend's ex off limits?

No, why would that matter? Not that it has come up.

5. Have you ever had sex with an ex? Why?

Not once they became an ex.

6. If you had a choice between spending the rest of your life with your worst ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend, or your HS Nemisis, who would you choose?

My HS nemisis. What is that? Well, I don't know who is my worst ex, but they were not bad to me. Joe probably was the worst in some ways, because he was addicted to crack. I was super-pissed off when I found out he'd gone back out on a binge. He also had a criminal record - an extensive one. All the cops in Pompton Plains knew him. And they all told me I was too nice to be with him. But in all honesty, Joe was never, ever abusive or at all bad to me. He definitely had his issues, but not with me.

7. Would you ever create a YouTube video or a website celebrating your exes' flaws?

I would never create a YouTube video. And certainly not one like that. I don't have any problems with my exes. I loved them all in their times. But I'm writer, not a filmer. (Well, not a video filmer. Photos I do take - many, many of them!


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