The Wedding Dress Test

Your Personal Style:
Classic and elegant. You prefer to make a statement with a few quality pieces.

Your Ideal Wedding:
Traditional and formal, but not tacky. You think the most beautiful weddings are understated.

Your Philosophy on Marriage:
It's a serious commitment, and the couple entering it should be ready to work for their relationship.

Your Perfect Marriage:
Is calm, stable, deep, and meaningful.

My Thoughts:
Well, I will accept the first point, that's fine. I tend to be a little odd, but of the six images shown, there wasn't a Renaissance-style dress in there, so this was the best of the lot. I hate tiered dresses, I would not consider a pants-suit (for anything), I'm not one for sheath dresses and not merely due to my girth, and the other one was... was... hold on... a big bell look and one that was full from just under the breasts down. Yikes.

Points 2 and 3 are good for describing me. I always tell people that relationships are hard work but the payoff is amazing. Deep, meaningful and stable is great, but they forgot fun. Fun is very important. Couples who can't laugh - at other things and at themselves - can't survive.

My ideal wedding is tiny, filled with great music that we want, loaded with dancing and with Hawai'ian pizza! And no unwanted guests just because someone feels that one should invite people for networking or schmoozing or because they are family - I hate Luis' father and I'm not nuts about most of his family except his sister Anna and I am not hot on all of my family (thankfully my family is very small) so guess what - I won't invite them! It's our party, why invite people one does not like? And seating - were we to have a big enough wedding - suck it up and deal with where we put you. I hate that... Mrs. Smith can't sit next to Mrs. Whatsit because 55 years ago they had a tiff and can't stand one another. TOO BAD!


CrystalChick said…
If I told you this story already I'm sorry for the repeat.
We were married almost 25 years ago. We were young and neither families could afford a wedding with reception. Not that we wanted one anyway. We chose to be married by the Mayor of hubby's town. And I wanted it to be JUST US. The only other people asked were my maid of honor and his best man as witnesses. Right before the short ceremony in his office started, the Mayor said a few others had shown up and would I want to move things out into the hall. I said NO. It was hubby's parents and a few of his friends. But because we had already told my parents and friends that we would hook up with them AFTER the service, they did not come. What I wanted. So I did not allow the others in. OH boy, that didn't go over so well. LOL
But you know, it was my day. And, quite frankly, I was pregnant and dealing with emotions and moods and being young and having to figure out how we'd manage. We met with everyone afterwards and then took our MOH and BM out to dinner and then to the Casinos but we didn't have the money for a honeymoon and actually didn't get one until we were married 6 years.
So ours wasn't the traditional celebration either, but we didn't go into debt to do it and we're still together all these many years later and I'm sure I was forgiven for being 'young and rude' ?? or whatever people thought of me then. I didn't so much care though. LOL

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Can it really be a year since I've been babbling on about nothing in particular?? Yeah, I guess so. :)

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