What Does Your Driving Say About You?

When you're driving, you tend to:
Crank up your music, and try not to feel frustrated
Relax and enjoy the scenery
Get agitated about how other people are driving

How fast do you drive?
You usually are at least a few mph over the speed limit.
You rarely speed, and if you speed, you only speed a little.
You routinely drive 5-10 mph over the speed limit.

If someone is trying to get ahead of you without a lot of space, you:
Let the driver in but feel grumpy about it
Speed up so that the driver can't get in
Let the driver in

Have you ever flipped someone off when you're driving?
It's happened a few times
Not that you can recall
Of course

How do you feel about traffic cops?
You don't mind them, as long as they're not pulling you over.
They are just doing their jobs.
You can't stand traffic cops.

When you're driving, do you tend to get distracted?
You occasionally get distracted by a song on the radio or people in the car
You never get distracted
You are easily distracted by your own thoughts or any outside noise

If someone in your car complained that you were driving recklessly, you would:
Change your driving but not let them ride with you again
Ignore them
Calm it down - they're probably right

When you're in your car, do you feel like no one can see you?

What Your Driving Says About You
You are a creative, resourceful person. You can easily entertain yourself, and you make the best of any situation. You tend to go by what you feel - not by the facts at hand. As a result, you tend to make a lot of uninformed decisions.

You are a very fair person. You treat everyone equally, even when it's difficult to do. You can be a rather tense, grouchy person - but you try to maintain your dignity. You have the utmost respect for authority figures. You feel that rules - and their enforcement - are important.

You are somewhat focused, but you are also a bit scatterbrained. Distractions can get you in trouble. You are a very responsible and conscientious person. You often consider the feelings and needs of others. Your ego is normally in check, but sometimes you get a bit egotistical. You tend to be a little self-important at times.


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