Swing Vote Gets My Vote!

and Luis' as well.

We went to see it (despite the one review I read, which gave it an abyssmal rating of one and a half stars. But it was funny and very true to form, until both candidates for the election began to grow a conscience and there my philosphy diverges from how well this depicted how such a scenario would go. No one in the political arena would favour being a human being to winning or suddenly become uncomfortable with doing whatever it took to win.

But otherwise it was quite good and we were both very satisfied. We had a lot of laughs during the movie, such as when the kid, Molly, said to Stanley Tucci's character, "I know about you. You would sell your mother to win." And he replied without missing a beat, "If you knew my mother, you'd understand."

That's funny. And Kelsey Grammar definitely was set up to be a Bush knock-off - dumber than a week old box of rocks.

And then there was Kevin Costner's Bud, who makes me look positively savvy when it comes to politics. I at least understand the basic issues and know where I fall in the basic Democrat-Republican spectrum. I don't understand or like any of the candidates, which is unsurprising, but I know who they are. And I suspect I'm going to have to vote for Obama (assuming he doesn't commit political suicide in the next, what, four months or get shot by some unbelievable bigot) only because the other guy is a total fossil, and really not the sharpest tool in the shed. Another stupid president is just what we need after eight completely embarrassing years with the current moron at the helm!

(Hey, guess what! No one can sensor me on my own blog! Ha, ha, ha!)

Yes, that is a zinger for my favourite person who feels I am wrong to badmouth the current idiot. Oh, me, oh, my, did I say that? This is the one thing we are all agreed on - even Luis' father and I agree on this! Get this brainless twit out of the Oval Office!

I may be politically stupid, but at least I have a more-than-basic command of my own language. When Bush can pronounce "nuclear" maybe I will get an inkling of respect for him. Oh, no, wait. He hasn't done anything reasonable since he weasled his way into office... I really in good consciousness can't do that. He'd need a brain transplant before I would reconsider his IQ on any level. Mastering pronunciation on basic words is really something you could get a talking monkey to do... and he isn't quite up to that level.

Look, I'm getting a little nutty there, maybe, but really, who is pulling the strings on this puppet? Someone has to be. Luis has said this and I might agree. (And for Luis to pull the fence out of his butt... well, that is truly saying something. He is way too puscillanimous about most things. Although he is pro-life whereas I'm adamantly pro-choice. On this he has an opinion.

This movie has a Democratic bent to it, but while they did show him go into the voting booth to make a decision, thet were savvy enough to not give a hint as to whom he voted for. An optimal ending.


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