What Olympic Sport Are You?

Oh, this should be a riot... what sport requires the least amount of effort?

You are most competitive when, you're competing:
All alone
With a team
One on one, against someone else

What do you have the most of:

Do you like obscure sports?
Yes, you live for strange sports
No you try to stick to the mainstream stuff

Have you ever been in a fight?

Are you comfortable in the water?
You're not the most comfortable person in the water
Very comfortable

You Are Table Tennis
You're a quick thinker and even quicker to act. You can anticipate an opponent's move and countermove easily. You tend to win quickly, so quickly that your rival doesn't realize that the game's over.
My Thoughts: Clearly I answered something incorrectly, because I'm not fast and I don't think I win quickly. And table tennis?! That is not a sport! Had this been for the winter games, I'd've come up as the skeleton or luge - weird sports! The EMS person in me thinks those sports are insane!


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