Saturday Six: Episode #225

1. Do you prefer a hotter climate or a colder climate?

Hotter but with little to no humidity is the best possible climate. However, I doubt I will live anywhere like that until I'm ready to retire and really not work at all. I love having four seasons and the autumn having brightly coloured leaves!

2. If you could live anywhere on the planet and money wasn’t an object, which area would you choose?

Right here. I love my job and there is not enough money in the world that would inspire me to leave it. When it is my time to stop working, I think I will summer in Colorado and winter in Palm Springs.

3. Do you prefer walking, riding a bike, driving or flying when you are going somewhere?

Well, riding a bike would not work, with the muscular dystrophy; walking if it is close by, driving if it is no more than five or so hours; flying for anything farther.

4. Take the quiz: What planet do you come from?

Okay, this looks like my kind of quiz!

Which planet's energy do you hold within?

When faced with a problem I tend to
Bust out the creative power. I usually land on my feet or have what it takes to power my way through!
Feel my way through. I find if you take the time to absorb and observe whats "really" going on, you can intuit your way through anything.
Intellect my friend. Think about it, life is like a chess game. No situation is too hard to unlock with a little brain grease or some good ol' charm.
Just deal with the obvious. Be constructive and use what's around you. I usually have something that can get the job done and if its hard to find an outcome right away, it's nothing a little digging wont uncover

Choose a magical item
Lightning Sphinx
Stone Goddess
A Book Made of Smoke
Jewel Crusted Spear
An Earthquake Stone
Healing Hands

You want to make a dramatic exit, you
Burst into light and spray out into a million vapors of sparkles
Mimmic yourself next to everyone in the room
Say goodbye, and then crumble into dust
Are struck by a FAT lightning bolt, spraying colors and fuzzy feeling everywhere. All that is left are the divine tones of angel song
Walk gracefully towards the door, every step releases a growing energetic flora, healing everyone and covering the room in plant life
Slowly melt into the Spirit like color dissolving into an ocean. The last thing to leave the room is the feeling of you being there... Echoing... echoing...
Slam your staff into the stone floor causing the earth to crack, then step into the shadow-like smoke billowing up from the cracks and vanish back into the underworld

What word most interests you

When you have a job to do you
Stick with it to the end
Take on a few more while I'm at it, it's only when I get bored of a task that I dont finish
Well, I am really good at starting job hehe. That and directing others to take care of business

Most of the time I prefer to be
Behind the scenes or out of the way
In the mix!! up close and personal.

What is your mode of transportation?
Anything that gets me everywhere and expresses my personality
Practical is the key, anything I can afford and will stay running (places to go, people to see)
Cute electric car, I invented her myself and I love her sooo much
Its dirty and clunkin, half the time its in the shop, or
My feet are my car
Car/home, I live in it practically but its my favorite escape
Hot rod, muscle car, sex machine, Bike, you name it. I want it to feel like I'm fucking and helping me get laid wouldnt be too bad either

Pick a color
Glow in the dark
All colors are beautiful
Royal Blue
Off White
Electric Blue
Sea Green

Which do you fear most?
Denied creative expression
Loss of memoryStupidity
Being taken away from nature
Being weak or crippled
There is nothing out there
Nobody to heal
Being made to conform
Whatever lurks in the darkness
Being exposed

What is your diet like?
Whatever I feel like usually
Comfort food hehe
Usually grab n go
I enjoy good quality food and drink preferably brand name stuff or imported items
Anything natural and directly from the earth
Rich foods with LOTS of flavor
Food is like medicine, it can cure you or kill you
I have to seriously watch what I eat otherwise my body will react badly
I'm really into weird and new
Anything I cook... cooking relaxes me
Chances are I'll have a heart attack before I finish the quiz

If you could leave the world accomplishing one of these things, which of these would you desire most?
I want to create something that is all me
I want to have children
Meet as many new people as I can
Bring beauty to the world
Give back to the Earth
Just Be
Be Love
Heal people
Build a comfortable life
Invent something awesome
Love someone and be loved in return
Come out on top of my life

What is your astrological sign?

What is your DAY of birth?
Dec. 22 - Jan. 1
Jan. 2 - Jan. 11 / May 12 - May 21
Jan. 12 - Jan.21 / Sep. 2 - Sep. 11
Jan. 22 - Feb. 1
Feb. 2 - Feb. 11 / Jun. 12 - Jun. 21
Feb. 12 - Feb. 21 / Oct. 2 - Oct. 11
Feb. 22 - Mar. 1
Mar. 2 - Mar. 11 / Jul. 12 - Jul. 21
Mar. 12 - Mar. 21 / Nov. 2 - Nov. 11
Mar. 22 - Apr. 1
Apr. 2 - Apr. 11 / Aug. 12 - Aug. 21
Apr. 12 - Apr. 21 / Dec. 2 - Dec. 11
Apr. 22 - May 1
May 2 - May 11 / Sep. 12 - Sep. 21
May 22 - Jun. 1
Jun. 2 - Jun. 11 / Oct. 12 - Oct. 21
Jun. 22 - Jul. 1
Jul. 2 - Jul. 11 / Nov. 12 - Nov. 21
Jul. 22 - Aug. 1
Aug. 2 - Aug. 11 / Dec. 12 - Dec. 21
Aug. 22 - Sep. 1
Sep. 22 - Oct. 1
Oct. 22 - Nov. 1
Nov. 22 - Dec. 1

Pick a day of the week

Your favorite season?

5. What is the biggest change you have made to help the environment?

We have two southern-facing solar panels for the hot water heater; 55 eastern-facing solar panels for the electricity. We have been recycling for YEARS.

6. If scientists discovered signs of life on another planet, would you worry about your safety if that material was brought to Earth for study?

No. I would say that I would worry about what we might do to it by removing it from its natural setting.


CrystalChick said…
So nice to hear you love your job. Too many people do not and when you meet them you can feel the misery. Bad energy.

And kudos to you for all the fun memes you do.
I can't keep up!!
I have a blogaversary giveaway going on now, stop by and enter if you want!! :)

p.s. I sent you mail not too long ago. I think it was just a reply to mails you had sent my way, but I sometimes check to see if people receive them because I know my email is wacky at times and I have no idea why.

Have a happy week!

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