Are You Sexually Powerful?

Hmmmm... what do you think?

What does it take to make great sex happen?
The right mood and the right person.
It takes a lot. Great sex doesn’t happen all that often.
Not much. It can happen at any time.

If something is safe, but sexually taboo—you:
Shy away from it
Are all about it
Secretly desire it

How likely are you to feel sexy?
Not very likely—you don’t consider yourself sexy
Somewhat likely—you feel very sexy sometimes
You always feel sexy!

If you catch someone checking out your body in public, you’re likely to feel:
Slightly flattered
Annoyed or embarrassed

If you see your partner talking to an attractive person, you feel:
Indifferent—it’s not a big deal
Turned on.
Insanely jealous

What influences your sexual morals?
Your life experiences
What sexual morals?

If you had one word to describe sex, it would be:

You Are Extremely Sexually Powerful
Your sexual power is obvious - you don't do anything to hide your sexuality. In fact, if there's such a thing as a person with too much sexual power, it's you. Your life and thoughts are dominated by sex. And while it's good to be sexually liberated, you're starting to have a one track mind. You don't always have to use your sexual power. There's more to human interaction than getting naked!


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