Sunday's Seven: Episode #153

You decide to downsize, so you move into a smaller apartment. While you’re smiling about the huge stacks of cash you’ll save, you realize that you have room for just a few pieces of furniture (not counting kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures). So I guess you can imagine your challenge this week.
THIS WEEK’S QUESTION: Name the seven pieces of furniture (excluding kitchen and bathroom) that you couldn’t do without.

Hmmm. Let's see.

1. The water bed. Granted, most people feel that they cannot live without their beds, but mine is three feet high, with drawers (six on each side) and a beatiful headboard and design work and it is so COMFORTABLE. It is far and away the best bed anywhere!

2. The Sky Chair. Hanging chairs are the neatest things. I read in it all the time, and it is designed to hold something crazy like 300lbs, so I am not worried that it won't keep my oversized butt from hitting the floor.

3. The hammock. It is an outdoor piece of furniture and the only decent one we have (that metal table and matching chairs are crap, which is what we paid for them anyway). I love being in it all of the time. It's an all-out piece, too - the pad on it, the pillow, the whole thing! But no canopy - what good is that? I'm not inclined to be in it in the rain and see no reason why a canopy would be a positive addition.

4. The cat-tail friendly rocking chair and ottoman. Both in black leather and the chair adjustable, this is a must-have. They both rock but the floor pieces don't move, so one cannot pin accidently an animal's tail that is nearby. Both are exceedingly comfortable.

5. My desk. I realise I don't often use it, but it is a good place to work and is an invaluable repository for everything that goes in my office at home until I put it away.

6. The bookshelves - all of them! Between the two of us, we have a million books and these are a necessary way of keeping them. We have always owned many, many bookshelves.

7. The eating-room table. Gotta have some place to work on my jigsaw puzzles!


Daniela said…
This is an interesting one! Well,
in my case it is:
1. bed... mine is made of wood, which is what I prefer, it´s big and I like lots of quilts, even in summer. On the other hand I prefer only one small and nearly flat pillow. The bed has two cute little bed tables on each side, also made from wood, with a metal grid for a shelf, vaguely reminding of the Italian style but in a simpler way. The bed was handmade in a small Czech workshop, the bed tables were bought in IKEA.
2. my desk with the computer and the related stuff ... the desk is very old and made of wood. I bought it from a fellow student at the local college soon after I moved to this house, and modified it myself so it could be used as a computer desk.
3. Bookshelves... made by myself, the shelves are made from boards bought at the local sawmill, the metal parts to hold the shelves on the walls come from a store. There are also parts for tapes and CDs.
4. Table in the living room... we need a big one, it´s made of wood and it´s supposed to be a dining table, but most of the time you can find Zdeněk is sitting there, drawing plans or pictures for his books. The chairs were bought with the previous table, but while I got rid of that table, the chairs I have always liked and they are still there. Their original colour was white. Then they were dark brown, at the moment they are a deep shade of (more or less) azure blue.
5. the rattan armchair and the matching folding screen. To tell you the truth it´s only a dead weight, but I have a soft spot for rattan, I can´t help it. The armchair serves as a decoration in the bedroom and I tend to throw my clothes over it... the folding screen fills a corner in the bathroom at the moment and Zdeněk hangs his pants and sweaters from its partitions.
6. Various small tables where I either put books, or a tea mug, or I put house plants on them... or all of this together.
7. wardrobe... I like a system of IKEA shelves (made of wood), rattan baskets, paper boxes, and plastic boxes ... the plastic boxes we bought for very little money from a local grocery store, they were previously used to display fruit and vegetables. I like something airy and easy to use... and without door, so it´s just a part of the room. There´s a window so I usually don´t have to switch the light on when I get dressed. But we also have a very fancy (antique) wardrobe that used to belong to Zdeněk´s granny. It´s very pretty but a bit too old for me to use it for my clothes... I use it to store spare quilts, unopened boxes with writing paper, etc.

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