Last Sunday's Meme - Sunday Seven: Episode #157

THIS WEEK’S QUESTION: Name seven cool movie gadgets you’d like to own.

Oh, my. I know Luis could come up with this in seconds... I will need to give this a lot of thought.

1. Star Trek: transporter technology
The things I could do if I could just transport myself by scrambling my atoms and then reassembling them in a new location in just moments! Never again to fly hours and hours to get somewhere. Oh, that is magic!

2. Eureka: Smart house
Technically, this is likely to be DQd from the list as Eureka is not a movie but a telly show. Still... this is a great house! It's a little flaky to have a house that does things for you automatically and talks to you, but you can get accustomed to it. It's pretty amazing, however, especially the outside... it looks like a really beaten up old nuclear shelter. Go inside, and it is a palatial estate designed to accomodate you specifically!

3. Iron Man: The suit
I get the super strength thing and wanting instantly arming missiles and such; but the HUD and the computer technology and the flying capabilities make this the suit to own now! And it looks great, streamlined, cool colours, it is something on my list of unreasonable gift ideas.

4. The Fifth Element: The Nucleolab in NYC
The machine itself must have a name... let's see. Ah, yes. No name... It's the tubular machine that they put the one remaining hand from the Mondoshawan's ship in to rebuild. It spits out Milla Jovovich wearing a few strategically placed bandages and a helluva body! Pretty amazing! I'd like that. It actually rebuilds the entire body. starting with a single DNA cell and building the entire creature. She did start out naked - a plus for Luis. I don't need to be sexually attracted to women to know that there is nothing wrong with Milla Jovovich naked!

5. Monsters, Inc.: The door technology
All monsters had access to different kids' doors through a machine that suddenly turned a regular wooden door into an actual access point into the kids' rooms, via the closet. How cool would that be? If I can't have the transporter, I will take that.

6. Pleasantville: The remote control
That remote put the brother and sister into Pleasantville specifically, not a place I would have on my list. Jack the technology to allow one to go into the show of his or her choice, and that is a different story! The caveat: you are faced with mortality - so if you put yourself into one of the Friday the 13th movies, you had better be prepared to go in as the one surviving person!

7. Star Trek: Transdermal translator technology
I think that in the movies and the original telly shows, the technolgy was part of either the com badge or the older handheld units they had but in the books, they had gotten to injected transdermal units that were able to give you total lingual command in Vulcan or Rihannsu or whatever languages were available. For me it would be Spanish - I could talk to almost any of my employees with that! I would also want Hindi and Russian, for patient care. And then I could travel anywhere in the world and install that as well!

Patrick's Answers:
1. The Magic Remote Control (from Click) - How awesome would it be to freeze everything when you need to or fast forward to see what happens next
2. Cloaking Device (from Predator) - Yeah, there are plenty of times when I wish I could be invisible. (Or more invisible than I already am!)
3. Phaser (from Star Trek movies) - Okay, I’ll admit that I’d keep mine on Stun…but that would still be cool!
4. Neuralizer (from Men in Black) - One corny joke too many? I’ll make you forget I ever said it!
5. Holodeck (from Star Trek movies) - So I could program any location, complete with people of my own choosing to spend time with whenever I wanted? I may never walk out of there!
6. Memory Recorder/Player (from Brainstorm) - I’ve always thought this was one of the coolest devices ever invented, but it almost requires an invasion of privacy to really experience something new.
7. Transporter (from Star Trek movies) - So I hit a few buttons and in a matter of seconds I could “beam over” to any location from any location? I’m so there!


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