Happy Blogaversary!

To the coolest Blogger ever!

To the blogger who makes me think and consider things in a different light, and brings out the kinder, gentler me (there is one in there somewhere and she finds that one every time!).

I expect to see many, many more posts this year!
That is a really cool basket. What a neat and thoughtful idea that truly is! Good luck to all the http://roamingwithmary.blogspot.com/ readers out there who enter in to win!
And many happy returns!


CrystalChick said…
Thanks sooooo much!! Of course I love this post!

Ah, but you have always been very kind so don't even go THERE. And what's wrong with having strong opinions? Nothing that I can see! You live your life your way and are very happy doing so and from what I can tell, you harm NO ONE in doing so. People might not agree with some of your opinions, so what. Just agree to disagree and move on. As the saying goes... that's why they make chocolate AND vanilla. :)
We all have our life experiences and thought processes contributing to why we feel certain ways.
I can see you being gentle too. Just to know how you've spent time with Ray, how you help your Mom, the doggies, the kitties, how you enjoy your job, the LOVE and bond you have with Luis, etc.
So you're pretty cool too chickie!!
AND you earned yourself two entries for the picture and link. So good luck to you!!! I'll be posting info. soon.

Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend. Hug,
Mary aka the coolest blogger ever! HAHAHA

But in the words of a character in the Wayne's World movie....
'I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy'

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