Children's Parade, Parsippany, NJ

I began this posting over a week ago... now it has been half a life time since that Saturday, so it is hard to recall all that went on for this. But here is the duty truck decorated with Christmas lights. Unfortunately, they don't show well in the daylight.

The above is a weird image, as one truck was pulling out in front of the other and so it looks like one truck bent, on first glance.

Friends are the best thing. This is one of my closer friends, Mike. We rode together a few times and no doubt will again. He's a lot of fun, and we definitely understand each other.
Well, it IS the Children's Day parade, you know! These aren't just any kids - they are the envy of all other kids. Every child we passed wished that they were in the rig with us. These kids have no idea how this raises them in the eyes of other kids. They are there for every fun event that happens. They'll all grow up knowing what it is like to be part of the unique family that is any first aid or fire squad.
The line of March from our rig on... first is Jack Gianetti in the Chief's truck from Car 69.
And heeeeeeerrreee's JACK!

We drag raced (slwoly) down Route 46 and I was in the back but still managed to get this shot of the other rig in the slow lane. He's adorable, isn't he? Also a very good driver. I rarely say that - most people's driving makes me nervous. Not Paul's!


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