Olympics 2008 - Part III

Once again, another night was enjoyed with hours of unfettered Olympics! This year is the first in many that I have kept up amazingly with the Olympics. There are days worth of action - more than mere hours! Luis hasn't gotten through Sunday and I'm already up to Tuesday.

I finally got to watch the men's 4x100 meter men's relay which was an outrage! The teams all did beautifully, but there was more to it than that. The French team made the huge mistake of actually stating to a newspaper that they were going to SMASH the United States team, that's what they came to the Olympics to do. Now, a healthy dose of competitive spirit is one thing; but this is a truly unbecoming thing to say, and not merely a pep-inducing way to speak. And when you make gauntlet-throwing statements like that, you are likely to pay a price for that. A rather high price... This is unadvisable in so many ways.

And I don't care that it was the French. It would have been totally unprofessional for any country's representatives to make such a confrontational statement to a newspaper. And normally I would be happy for anyone that won, but I would have not been too happy if they'd won anything over silver. Did they deserve to place and win a medal? Yes. But winning the gold after behaving so unprofessionally would just be wrong...


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