What Coloured Glasses do You See the World?

First thing in the morning:
You're optimistic and happy. You love how morning feels.
You're up and ready to get the day going. You have a lot to do.
You slowly wake up and start the day. You give yourself time to adjust to being awake.
You wake up naturally as sunlight enters the room. You feel happy to be alive.
You leap out of bed. You're excited to see how the day will turn out.

At work, you:
Get really into whatever you're doing, and the time flies by.
You get things done at a slow and steady pace.
You try to get your ideas and contributions noticed.
You happily switch between projects. You love multitasking.
See what needs to be done the most, and help other people whenever they ask.

When you're very hungry, you tend to:
Act on whatever intense craving you happen to be having
Eat something light and wholesome
Eat whatever is close by
Indulge a little, but don't go overboard
Create a new dish or try a new restaurant out

During the day, what mood do you tend to be in?

When things go poorly, you:
Hardly even notice, because your life is so great otherwise
Still can see the bright side
Can only hope that things will get better
Feel a fire to make things better
Can end up getting very angry

When you're hanging out with your friends, you tend to:
Be the ringleader
Host everyone at your house
Make everyone laugh
Prefer to just talk
Suggest something to do

What is the best way for you to relax?
Your most relaxed when you're out with your friends
You don't ever really relax
You relax best by spending time alone
You find being out in nature to be relaxing
You're laid back enough as is - you don't need to take time to relax

Last thing at night:
You reflect a little before falling asleep
You are tired but looking forward to tomorrow
You are relaxed and ready for bed
You tend to crash out of pure exhaustion
Your mind is still racing, and it's hard for you to sleep

You See the World Through Yellow Colored Glasses
You live your life with optimism. You remain happy through the bad times, and your outlook remains bright. You judge all interactions through the lens of hope. You try to see the best in people, and you give them the benefit of the doubt. You face challenges with a spirit of adventure. Things are what they are, so you might as well make the best of them. You see love as the utmost expression of personal joy. You tend to be attracted to lively, friendly people. At your worst, you are a bit petty and jealous. You want to be everyone's shining star. You are happiest when you're daydreaming or thinking up fresh ideas.


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