The Maw of the Kitty

Here you have the sweet, napping kitty, happy and folded atop a soft blanket. She really loves those soft blankets. She looks like a beautiful, smallish, striped cat in repose, relaxed and happy. Her eyes are almost completely closed, she's purring and in a state of happy contentment. She might lay there for a long time, or she may decide to curl up into a striped ball and all her paws and tail would wrap up her face. Sleeping cats are really neat to see. Here, though, she is just hanging out and relaxing, but not quite ready for the true deep sleep.

Isn't this the most amaing thing? She went from cute, fuzzy, napping kitty to the gaping maw you see here, full of little razor sharp teeth! She's all mouth. Somewhere behind the huge kitty maw is the rest of the little kitty body, seemingly overwhelmed by this massive yawn.

When she does that, there is a temptation to put my finger into the open area, but I did that to Ariel once and nearly had the tip of my finger removed for me! She wasn't aware that my finger was there and I had no idea how fast those jaws would snap shut.


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