What Piercing Are You?

What's sexy about you?
Your individuality
Your body
Your attitude
Your personal style
Your mind
Your smile

What's the best thing about having a piercing?
Showing it off
Feeling a little sexier
Enhancing your best features
Enjoying how it looks
Looking a little different
Looking stylish no matter what you're wearing

You could never be friends with someone who...
Is rude
Is shy
Doesn't love fashion or art
Is scared of breaking rules
Doesn't like to flirt
Is overly normal

Your perfect Sunday morning involves:
Sleeping in until it's dark again
Going out to brunch at a place you'd like to be seen at
Waking up next to an attractive stranger
Getting up early and hitting some sales
Catching up on some beauty sleep
Laying in bed with hot tea and a book

If you wanted to get yourself a treat, what would you indulge in?
A new pair of shoes
A new book
A trip to the spa
A fancy restaurant meal
Some art supplies
A new swimsuit

You Are a Lip Piercing
You are rebellious and defiant. You resist conforming and following rules. You're the type to get pierced anywhere you want, and you're not taking your piercings out for anyone! Reflective and philosophical, you've spent a lot of time thinking about how you'd like to live your life. And it just so happens that your preferred lifestyle is pretty far outside the mainstream. While people may find you standoffish, you aren't necessarily rude, mean, or judgmental. You just don't try to fit in.

And that's enough to scare most people away!


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