Sunday Seven - Episode #313 recently published a list of the 18 Most Hated Companies in America. I don’t know why they chose a number like 18: as negative as people are these days, there were surely at least 20 that people really don’t like.

But 18 is what they gave us, so 18 is what we’ll work with.

From that list, could you come up with seven that you dislike the most? The only way you can go “off the list” is to substitute a local version of a named company. For example, if you don’t live in the service area of “Pacific Electric & Gas,” you can substitute your own local electric utility if you feel they need to be included on your list.

That’s your challenge for this week! Thanks for dropping by!
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Name your seven most hated companies from the provided list of 18.

1. Dish Network: I have my own reasons for hating them, which go back to 2001, but they are one of the most despicable companies around. We had them when we lived on the other side of town and tried to set up our dishes here, but for reasons passing understanding, the actual satellite was too close to the horizon. It is tough to imagine that a move of 3.5 miles made such a huge difference, but it did. As it happens, between rate hikes and other headaches, we would have changed services anyway. Now we have the full cable/Internet package and the TiVO, so we are happy with what we have.
2. Bank of America: Luis has this banking institution and has plans to change them. It is quite a trail: He had the original bank (whoever that was), then Westminster Bank, then whatever Bank followed them, maybe another one or two and now Bank of America - all without changing banks on his own. Amazing. He keeps plenty of money in there but they started tacking on all kinds of fees anyway, and then other problems have been cropping up as a result. This is not limited to just the bank itself - he switched stock brokers because the BoA kept making mistakes with his money. Unreal.

3. Delta Airlines: I have Continental, which at some point will be United but when I flew out to Montana in 2009, the two connecting flights were Delta, who searched my bags (which I completely get) but made it look like they used their feet to shove everything in again. Twice!

4. The White House: Look no further for the root of the issues. No one wants to regulate anything any longer.

5. Time Warner Cable: Wow. I read the blurb on them and wow. That's all I have to say!

6. Comcast: My father has them and they have screwed up more than they have fixed.

7. JP Morgan Chase Bank: I have these guys and I hate 'em. They have made the percentage on that card more like 23% than 11% and they could care less that I am a long term customer who pays them every month.

Extra: New Jersey Blue Cross Blue Shield: The least you need to know: these people are trouble all over. They deny almost all of the claims out of hand. Despicable is right. I have Aetna and as much as I have issues with them, they are small compared to NJ-BCBS. I still miss Oxford Health plans, however. In the late 90s and early 2000s they were the cat's meow. Now... who knows? But I would hate to think they are anywhere as low as NJ-BCBS.

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