WTF Wednesday - Once Upon a Time, The McRib Howled at the Moon

1) The "Test your vocab" website (click here to test it out and share your results if you want) estimates the number of words in your vocabulary based on how many specific words you know the definition of. Have you ever read a dictionary to increase your vocabulary? Yes, I have read parts of the dictionary to increase my vocabulary. However, my vocabulary is better than average anyway. It's been a long time since I've leafed through the dictionary to do anything.

2) Today (Oct. 26) is "Howl at the Moon Day." How often do dogs wake you up in the middle of the night either barking or howling? Our neighbour's dog used to wake us up with the barking, but they don't keep the dog outside any longer and it is not the same dog. They have an antisocial dog that bites other people now. I wonder about our neighbours...

3) My fiance got roped into carving a pumpkin (mostly against his will) for his office due to his artistic ability. Have you carved (or will you be carving) a pumpkin this week for Halloween? As a matter of fact, I carve pumpkins every year, usually two. I am not great at it - you would think by now after ten or more years of annual trips to the pumpkin patch I would have mastered carving a round object, but no... it is never that easy.

4) If adults went trick-or-treating, what type of candy would you want to receive the most of? Reese's Peanut Butter cups in regular or white chocolate. Yum! But then there are Smarties, too. So many choices...

5) What do you think of the parents of celebrities (like Lindsay Lohan's mother Dina) writing tell-all memoirs about their families? These are people making a fast buck off of their families' misfortunes. I have a super-low opinion of this. And really, now, how many of these people really do their own writing? Yes - the answer is none. This is truly the lowest common denominator.

6) ABC premiered its highly promoted show "Once Upon A Time" on Sunday. If you could live in a fairy tale for 24 hours, which one would you pick? Oh, that is a great question! I would live in 1,001 Arabian Nights. That sounds like a lot of fun, really! (And it turns out that the ABC show Once Upon A Time is quite good, amazingly enough. With all that hype, Luis and I were nervous that this would not live up to the over-the-top adverts on the telly and in magazines.)

7) Earlier this week, McDonalds announced that its McRib sandwich, a boneless barbecue pork sandwich which has a massive cult following, is back through Nov. 14. (Personally, I'm not sure why people are so crazy for it.) What about you -- are you a McRib fan? I'm not even a MacDonalds fan. What would I care for in yet another one of their sandwiches? I've never heard of the McRib, but what a way to tire out the prefix "Mc".

8) What animal, besides humans, do you think would make the best world leaders? Oh, I think cats would do a great job. They won't whitewash anything or give false answers.


BPD in OKC said…
I had basically the same reaction to Once Upon A Time. I figured it would be horrible since it was so over-hyped, but it turned out much better than I expected. I'll keep watching it

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