WTF Thursday - The Superheroes are Getting Footloose in Dirty Jeans

1) How many days can you wear a pair of jeans before it moves from acceptable to gross? Uh, one, maybe two? I'm not in the habit of wearing the same pants for days in a row. That is Luis' specialty. I usually take them after four days and make him wear another pair. No reason to drag that on forever.

2) If your best friend told you that he or she had been abducted by aliens last night, would you believe his or her story? Not unless there was something hellacious in the nature of proof.

3) If you were in an accident, what superhero would you like to be rescued by? Hmmm. Any superhero I like? How about MetroMan from the movie Megamind? I really thought he was neat.

4) If the shoes really do make the man (or woman), what do the shoes you're wearing right now (or the ones you wore last if you're barefoot) say about you? I love comfort and can give a rat's ass about fashion. I usually wear Merrells - fur-lined super-comfortable slip on sockless shoes that keep my feet happy and warm. Nothing in the world compares.

5) If you get ten minutes to interview any celebrity of your choice, who would you like it to be? Leonard Nimoy - he is really wonderful.

6) I was appalled last week when my boyfriend and best friend both said they had never seen the original "Footloose" movie. Is there a movie you've never seen that people give you a hard time for not having seen? The number of movies that people hassle me for not seeing has to be in the hundreds. I just don't see any old movie. I don't care if it is a classic, why is it so important that I know this or that movie? I don't get it myself. I'm happy with what I've seen.

7) With Halloween approaching... Would you spend (or have you already spent) a night in a supposedly haunted house? I traveled to the British Isles - almost every place I stayed in was haunted. Who are you kidding? I have no problem staying in a haunted house.

8) If you had your own clothing line, what would it be called? Common Clothes for the Common Person. I love casual clothes, sweaters, jeans, cargo pants. I would mark them at about $40 for jeans, the sweaters would have a range based on material and the cargo pants maybe $25 or $30... I hate the idea of charging people an arm and a leg for clothing.


Gigi Baby said…
OMGIGI I totally love your page and your answers rock and I especially love that you totally went out of the box and used one of my favorite animated movies MegaMinds Ollo lol

Loves and likes ya <3
Kittie Howard said…
What a thought-provoking post! I don't know what I'd call my clothing line - and will give that some thought!
BPD in OKC said…
I must be cheap because I can't imagine spending even $40 on jeans. $20 is my limit.

EMT Wench said…
Well! I did not expect so many comments to my answering a meme - if anything I worry that I am using up too much time answering them rather than creating original posts. However, this really was fun and I'll worry less about the lack of original content.

To answer your answers, which is only fair, here we go:

Kittie, I suppose it is best to go with what you know. I am neither a clothes horse or a fashionista (which will never, ever happen) and am all about comfort. Comfort is the only important thing. Now, this is not to be confused with cost. I bought a pair of boots in 2007 that were over $1400 - before you pass out, they are Catskill Mountain Moccassins and they are handmade and fitted for my feet and my feet alone. I knew the product and went all out on them. All the rest of my shoes (all 12 pairs) are just normal shoes.

Gigi Baby: I love Megamind! That was the best movie - well, best along with most other animated movies. I love 'em all! Thanks for the compliment about answering out of the box. I suspect that is normally where my mind resides anyway - I'm not good at thinking within the box!

BPD in ORC: The one pair of boots above is the exception, not the norm - and it took me over a year to pay for them. I knew I wanted those and saved for the down payment and carefully sent what I could each month.

When it comes to jeans as a plus-sized woman, I'm not sure I could find a pair of jeans that are $20. Of course, I haven't bought a pair of jeans in years, so what do I know? I just know the ones I have don't fit now (groan) so I need to get a couple of pairs. I'll let you know what I get 'em for when I do finally cave in.

Thanks, everyone!

Happy reading.


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