WTF Wednesday - Losing Your Temper While Eating Hagfish at Hooters

1) MTV is holding an open casting call for its show "The Real World" today at an Oklahoma City Hooters. Have you ever tried out or would you ever try out for a reality TV show? No, I have never tried out for a reality show. I have no intention of ever trying out for a reality show, especially on MTV. This is the lowest common denominator stuff I am always griping about. I really have no use for reality television unless it is really intellectually stimulating - and how many of them can try to pull that off? Very, very few.

2) When was the last time you lost your temper in public? What set you off? In public... Jeez. I really don't lose my temper often, and certainly not in public. I'm a pleasant person for the most part and not prone to getting angry on that scale.

3) Everyone around me is talking about getting flu shots and saying I should get one, which I refuse to get one. Do you get flu shots each year? I do, every single year. I was happy to find out that I don't need the N1H1 injection this year - but I get the whole nine yards. Tested for HIV, the titer test for TB, check that my Hep B shot is still working, a flu shot, etc. If there was a test or innoculation for C Diff, I would get that, too (I was exposed to it when a family member at a call for a woman with Alzheimer's fell in a tub didn't tell us that). I'm an EMT and constantly exposed to people with... whatever. So I get everything checked every fall. In fact, this Friday is my appointment for all that abuse.

4) Today (Oct. 19) is Hagfish Day. Hagfish are believed to be one of the world’s ugliest living creatures. What is another animal you think is really ugly? I think that hyenas are the ugliest animals, followed by vultures. I understand the role of carrion eaters, but as a general rule, they are not the prettiest animals around.

5) Spike TV held its annual Scream Awards last weekend giving the Harry Potter movie series its "Ultimate Scream" prize. What was the last movie that made you want to scream? A movie that made me want to scream... I can't think of one, but then I never see horror movies. I saw The Help and I loved it but it certainly did not inspire me to scream.

6) Today is Evaluate Your Life Day. On a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best it could be and 1 being horrible, what would you rate your life at this moment? Interesting question. I would rate today as a 7; I'm picking up friends to come stay with us for a couple of weeks and that will be good.

7) Last week, the CW angered many fans of its show "The Secret Circle" and of the book series the show is based on by killing off one of the main characters only five episodes into the series. Have you ever gotten angry (or sad) over the death of a fictional character? As a matter of fact, yes. I used to read the Harry Potter books but I lost heart when the author killed off Professor Dumbledore, so I stopped reading them. Quite frankly, I have never looked back either, so I suspect I was losing interest anyway.

8) Walmart recently announced that it is bringing its layaway program back for the holiday season. Will you be placing any gifts on layaway this year (at Walmart or any other store that has layaway)? No, I never do that. And being the snob I am, and supporter of small businesses and one with no respect for WalMart's employment practices, I will never shop there either. Ever.


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