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You’re at a social function and you decide you want to have an alcoholic drink. Beer doesn’t seem “high class” enough for this function, so you head to the bar for a mixed drink.

Can you name your seven favorite mixed drinks, liquors or spirits that might be among the options you’d consider, assuming the bar is fully stocked?

Here’s a sampling of mixed drink recipes if you need some help brainstorming. If you wish, you can list drinks you think you’d like based on the description, and just add an asterisk to indicate you haven’t actually tried it. That way, even those who choose not to consume any alcohol at all can play along.

That’s the challenge for this week.
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Name your seven favorite mixed drinks, spirits or liquors.

I'm glad you put in the corollary that I can asterisk a drink, because, as it happens, I don't drink - only at the occasional wedding, to warm up. But here are seven drinks...

1. Fuzzy Navel (minus vodka - I just like peach schnaps & orange juice)
2. Sex on the Beach*
3. Slow Easy Comfortable Screw Up Against a Wall*
4. Mojito
5. Lava Flow*
6. Tequila Sunrise*
7. Piña Colada

Note: When I was 13 or so, my mother was in a car accident and had to stop dancing (she was a go-o dancer until she was 40) and decided to go to school to learn mixology. I picked up the names for No.s 2, 3 and 6 from that (they were incredibly easy to recall, such as they were).

When I went to a list online,, I found some names that I would be reluctant to order just because of the "yuck" factor. Such as (and this is embarrassing just to type) "c** in a hot tub", "paralyzer", "screaming orgasm (San Francisco style)", "Wiggle Worm, "slippery nipple", "jack off", "skinny dip", "Robitussin" (ye gods, why? Yuck indeed. I did look at the ingredients on that one, just to be sure that actual Robitussin did not show up in it. It didn't, but still... who thinks of this?!), "wild squirrel sex", "rail splitter", "original sin", "Adios, Motherf***er" (again, why? Is it really necessary to name a mixed drink something so volatile?), "naked twister" and "salty balls". That was going through pages 1 - 10, out of about 80 or so pages (1500 mixed drinks... ye gods). I really would feel funny asking for some of these drinks by name... and I'm not usually one to be offended or feel funny about words, even less socially acceptable words.

I wonder what the shots would look like, but I am sure I am not ready to see that list!

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