WTF Thursday - Covering Your Cranky Co-workers in Tattoos & Foil

 1) Christmas is less than two months away. Have you already started shopping for Christmas gifts? No, I don't even want to think about it. I have no income at the moment, so the whole Christmas thing is just the worst thought.

2) Would you be offended if someone carved a pumpkin for Halloween in such a way so that it would resemble your face? No, although I doubt it would be kind to do that to a pumpkin, ha, ha! Just out curiosity, why? Was this something that came up at a problem?

3) How do you feel about people who get "fandom" tattoos (i.e. tattoos of musicians, TV shows, movies, etc)? Someday you will regret it - especially if the show goes down in flames. It's bad enough to see what happens to relationships after one party goes out and gets "Betty" scrawled across his or her upper arm!

4) It seems like Quick Response codes (a.k.a. QR codes), like the one to the right, are everywhere on products and ads these days. Do you ever actually scan them using your phone? I have a stupid phone, so I can't scan in one of these things. Luis tries it once in a while, but it seems like a pointless exercise to do this. Now, the program that reads product bar codes, tells you about the product and where it is on sale is a whole different item! Luis has shown me that and this is much more useful that these weird squares that take one to a video or whatever they do. That seems to have a real value.

5) Connecticut lawmaker Rep. Tim Larson has proposed a national law saying that all Halloween trick-or-treating should be done on the last Saturday of October, regardless of what day Halloween falls on. What do you think of his idea? Should trick-or-treating be done on a specific day of the week each year or on the true holiday? We all made it to adulthood getting our trick-or-treat exercise on the real day of Hallowe'en; we also went from house to house, none of this mall or shopping center stuff. We all got change that never went to UNICEF but instead got one more candy. We also made it to adulthood doing a million other things that have been outlawed or gotten around or whatever. Enough with all these "protective things". Too many kids are growing up in plastic bubbles. We know people who have a six-year-old that has not seen most Pixar movies might scare him. What happens when they show a movie with a hair of violence in school? He'll be scarred for life/

6) The head pastor of my church recently went out of town and forgot to lock his office, and when he returned, everything in his office had been covered in aluminum foil by his coworkers as a prank (that's really his office to the right). Have you ever been the butt of a prank, or pulled a prank on someone else? This feels familiar, as though I have answered this sometime recently... Hold on... Well, I can't find it, so maybe I'd seen this last week...? No, that is not right. I answered a question just like this. Hold on again (it's going to bug me now if I don't find it!)

Apparently it will be a long night for me. There is one possibility I have not explored but I need to be on my laptop for that. I'll try it then.

However, I will tell you that I have no use for people who do practical jokes and I always, always hated April Fools Day. It is often cruel. Also, I fired people for doing harmful practical jokes to other employees and always felt really, really good about it. There is nothing funny about cruelty to others.

7) Speaking of coworkers, today (Oct. 27) is "Cranky Co-workers Day." How would you deal with an extremely cranky co-worker who was causing you stress? Hmmm. I had all different kinds of stress created by employees. Some I confront directly and told them to let it go or knock it off. Others I might try to avoid for a time until I figured out how best to deal with them. Some I talked to their managers for input or help. It had everything to do with who it was and the issue with which they came calling.

8) The movie "Anonymous," which is coming out soon in U.S. movie theaters, poses the idea that William Shakespeare did not write his own plays and poetry. If you became a professional writer, would you use your own name or create a fake pen name? I'd have to use a pen name if I wrote about my weird life as a Human Resources Manager and an Emergency Medical Technician. Anything else, I'd use my own name. I did come up with a title, however: Lumps in the Sugar. I think that is perfect for me!


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