WTF Thursday - Going on a Road Trip and Through the Self Checkout Lane

1) The Thought Catalog has posted "7 Reasons Why You Should Go On A Road Trip." If you could go on a road trip today, where would you go and who would go with you? Oh, I will go anywhere - I love seeing new places and visiting people. I'd have to say I'd go to Vermont now, to see the autumn leaves and revel in the changing seasons. I love this time of year completely and utterly.
2) Apple co-founder Steve Jobs died this week, leaving behind a legacy of valuable technological contributions. What type of legacy do you hope to leave after you die? Well, I'm not having kids ever, so probably not much of one. But I am the only Aislinge Kellogg in the world, and if you Google my name it's me that comes up everywhere. Very cool. I'd say I've left it already.

 3) When you’re shopping at a store that includes a self checkout system, do you use the self checkout registers or go through a traditional register being manned by a cashier? I always go through the one being manned. I hate the self-checkout, I like promoting the jobs (people need work) and I want my groceries packaged. Damn straight baby!

4) What is the title of a self-help book that you'd never want to see on a store bookshelf? Feel Good About Other People". Jesus, can you imagine? There'll be one someday if there is not one already.

5) Can there ever be too much white at a wedding? Absolutely there can. It's crazy. I like a little colour at any event. When the bride has a dress at all reminiscent of Princess Diana when she married Prince Charles, it was too much white right there. Also too much fabric, too much poofiness, too much crinoline, whatever. Yuck...

6) If you could spend a year with any fictional character, who would you choose and why? Oooooohh, what a neat question! Let me see... a fictional character, any fictional character... oh, my. The possibilities are endless. Um... Spock. Yes. Definitely. What is it like to be from two different worlds, to live 3 times the length of humans, and to have emotions mastery. Pretty fun! Then we'd get into love of science, his friendship with Captain James T. Kirk and Dr. Leonard E. McCoy, then into his parents and then into the Vulcan mysteries and then into the various missions. It would take months of tea times and I would enjoy every minute of it.

7) CMT is premiering a new show this weekend titled "Top Secret Recipe," on which best-selling cookbook author Todd Wilbur will attempt to duplicate many dishes from famous restaurants. What is one food item you wish you could easily duplicate at home instead of buy at a restaurant? None. I don't cook. Ever. Not gonna happen.

8) Is there anyone that sends you text messages and makes you smile instantly? I don't write and/or receive text messages. But everyone I know can make me smile instantly. I love the people in my life. Love, love, love them.


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