Booking Through Thursday - Odd

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What’s the oddest book you’ve ever read? Did you like it? Hate it? Did it make you think? All books make me think, no argument there. I wouldn't enjoy it if it did not inspire some kind of thinking. As for the oddest book I've ever read... well. I would really have to give that some thought.

OK, I know one. My friend sent me a link about a book called Death in Yellowstone, about people who died in Yellowstone National Park from sheer stupidity, such as not heeding the signs and walkways and paths to keep people from ending up in a lava pool or a hot spring that looks innocuous enough, but has 220 degree water or is full of caustic gases to people who seemed to do everything right and still ended up dead, such as a female camper who put her food up in a tree and was found decapitated in her tent the next morning. Yes, it was grisly, but it certainly gave me an idea of what to expect when I went there and how dangerous it can be there.

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