Mary Says... Ten Day Meme - Day One: Secrets

I found this over at Jeff's place, A Word In Edgewise.  He got it from Aaron at Carp Dime and I'm sure there were others before that but I'm very lazy extremely important and incredibly busy so I'll put my people on that research project very soon. 

It's a 10 Day You Challenge! Doesn't this sound fun!??
Day One
My TEN secrets:
1.  I have a strange collection of movies: Star Trek, Heaven Help Us, Kinky Boots, The Black Stallion, Blow Dry, etc. We won't get into the television series and music - but bagpipe music is in there right along with Rammstein, Apocalyptica, U2, Coldplay (Mylo Xyloto comes out in just 6 days!!), Fatboy Slim and a whole host of other weirdness.

2.  I'm 43 and almost 60% grey hair. I love my hairdresser and while I have a teeny amount of income, I still allow for that expense. Otherwise, I wear no make up, nothing that is fashionista-like and only comfortable shoes. No one should suffer for fashion!

3.  I've never pumped my own gas even in other states. I tell them I'm from New Jersey and then have to explain (in Texas, California, most of New England, Montana, and every state I've been to except northeastern Pennsylvania)
why I can't pump my own fuel. I have, however, pumped gas and diesel for other people. I had a friend whose father owned a fuel station and so did it for a couple of days just to help out. I was 17... a very long time ago.

4.  I have a candle collection that is unbelievably huge. And I still add to it, although not nearly as much as I used to.

5.  I used to draw fantasy art and killed the talent many years ago while working at the Renaissance Festival and tried to sell it for money - as in real income. It just turned a fun thing into too much stress and I stopped drawing for years - at least fifteen. But I bought art supplies on Saturday and I have started sketching again. Apparently once it is in the fingers, it is there for good. It is almost as though I never stopped.

6.  I am not a complete heathen but take bits and pieces from all religions except Chritianity. The Catholic Church's history speaks volumes and none of them good. I have some incredibly wonderful Christian friends, but they are spiritual, not religious and I admire that.

7.  I hate the fact that such a staggering number of people cannot speak or spell English (English English, not American English, which is not a language of its own and should be re-amended) properly. It makes me crazy. I find myself correcting people, which is terrible and it is out of my mouth before I can sensor it. People don't like it - although I explain why I do it. My friends barely find it forgivable... just imagine what strangers are thinking.

8.  My favourite scene in Heaven Help Us is when Williams is helping a priest do the wafer thing for the Catholic school girls and he is going crazy watching all these young pretty women sticking their tongues out to take the wafer and then he passes out from getting too excited! That is too funny!

9.  It's been six months to the day and I still cannot get used to this not working thing. People are always saying that change is a good thing. But all they're really saying is that something you didn't want to happen at all has happened.

10.  I was the abused, beaten and down-trodden in middle and high school - except for my art. But I realised when all these people from high school found me on Facebook that their memories of it were vastly different. So I let it all go. That is a lot of baggage to unload and it feels good not to have it.

What are some of your secrets?   Copy the picture, link a few people and get started!


CrystalChick said…
My son used to draw. It's good to know that your talent is still there. Maybe his is too!

I wouldn't like to be corrected all the time either! Many of us make mistakes when writing or speaking. If I'm firing off a quick comment or email I don't always bother to check it. If there's a word I'm not sure how to spell, I will look it up. For proper comma usage, and when to hyphenate, and a bunch of other things... I wing it. Yes, I've committed grammatical crimes and will continue to do so. Deal with it! haha

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