The Queen's Meme #97 - The Game Meme

People play games. Children play games. Sometimes adults acting like children play games. Facebook people play games. All God's chillun play games. What kind of games do YOU play?

The Games Meme

1. What was your favorite outside game as a child? Hmmm. I'm not sure. I played by myself and with others. We lived in an apartment complex and it wasn't as much fun as it would have been to play in a house. I guess I liked "Let's Pretend" games - cops and robbers, pirates, wilderness explorers, that kind of thing.

2.  What is your board game of choice? I liked Sorry! when I was a young kid. Now I like Ur: Ancient City of Sumeria. I haven't played it in a long time, though, but it is a good game. Another great board game is Othello, which is not like your standard game... it has pieces that are white on one side and black and the other, and you flip them over when you get several in a row by putting one colour on one end and then putting another on the end. I love it. I like Scrabble, as well.

3.What are your favorite apps or games on Facebook? Oh, no, no, I don't play any games on Facebook. I don't really play any games on the computer. I like to feel pieces or cards in my hands for playing games. I also put together jigsaw puzzles, big ones - 3,000 pieces or more. Imagine my surprise when I saw that there were "virtual jigsaw puzzles"! What fun would that be?!
My father and I like to play Dominoes (we have Dominoes that goes up to 15, instead of just 6, so there is a lot more playing time and strategy involved. We also play Triominoes and Backgammon (I'm not sure if Backgammon is considered a board game), Yatzhee and Rummicube. You can tell we are a family of gamers. My husband likes games in general but he's really into online gaming, like Ultima Online and now World of WarCraft, although he actually hasn't been actively playing for almost a year now, which is highly unusual. I'm not sure what that's all about, but there it is. He likes WII and X-Box games too, but neither one is hooked up. That works for me, since I don't have any desire to play those kinds of games and he'd be bugging me all the time to try them if they were hooked up.

4. If you could design a game about your life, what would you call it? Mass Confusion. That sounds like a great name for a board game, doesn't it? Certainly descriptive! The game Life is taken, Monopoly isn't really right for me (I'm avaricious, but not interested in being a land baron), and what other game would be indicative of my life? Even the jigsaw puzzles I work on are much more telling of me than others... I don't do Thomas Kinkade paintings or scenic whatever, I do puzzles that are cartoons of people in space or five thousand marbles or cartography images, and I have one of astronomy with stars and planets and the northern and southern hemisphere skies that was quite difficult to put together as it was mostly black with little glow-in-the-dark dots! That is not easy. But those are the kind of puzzles I like.

5. Have you ever tried billiards? Billiards... I think so. I know how to play pool, but I'm not very good at it. Billiards is similar, isn't it? That is a little too 3-D for me. And at this point, I'd probably have trouble just trying to hit the cue ball with enough force to do anything.

6. Are you a card player? Gambler? Rook player? Go Fish? Do tell. I used to play War with my cousin, but I don't think I've played Rook. Go Fish is a little tame even for me... I tried learning Pinocle, but it was too confusing. Same thing with Hearts. I'm a terrible poker player due to having an obvious tell - if I had a great hand I'd be jumping up an down and betting the farm, so it would be a dead giveaway not to bet against me.
I'm only a gambler when playing Craps at a casino, not Black Jack (and definitely not Roulette), although I will play Black Jack for fun. Now a great card game is Cribbage - it is a high-end game, but you know what a snob I am. No mystery there. I have tried to teach other people how to play Cribbage, but I don't think most people find it as fun as I do.

Seasons 3,000 puzzle - that is spring that is mostly done.
7.  Do you prefer the summer or winter sports games? Regular games Like football (soccer) versus  baseball? I never watch any televised sports and I married the perfect man - he doesn't watch televised sports, either. We do, however, watch the Olympics - specific sports, not all of them - and I can't say I like one set over the other. I love watching the crazy stuff - luge, skeleton, etc. (I also saw that skeleton accident with the Olympiad who crashed the day before the opening ceremony in Vancouver. It was awful, but as an EMT, I had to see it... call it morbid fascination...) Someday I'd love to be on a standby crew for those events. Talk about the weird calls!

The summer games have their own fascination: gymnastics, swimming, diving, although I suspect that I would not be as busy as an EMT doing standbys for those games the way I would for the winter games, which seem more dangerous in general. But those are the only sports that get any airtime in our house. Life is good!

This was an excellent meme - I enjoyed it very much!


Anonymous said…
i can never, ever win at Othello. 5 years olds who have never played the game before have beaten me...
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