WTF Wednesday - It's Time to Stop Caring that You're so Congested

1) If you were a villain in a movie, what would your catch phrase be? Where do you come up with these questions? I haven't the faintest idea... Um, how about "In these shoes? I doubt you'd survive."

2) Marc and Angel Hack Life recently posted a list of "10 Things To Stop Caring About Today." What is something you care too much about that you wish you didn't? My not working any longer.

3) On Tuesday, NBC announced that it was canceling its new show "Playboy Club," making it the first cancellation of the TV season. What show do you hope is next for cancellation? H8R, New Girl, The Jersey Shore, and so many more. The Jersey Shore should be the first to go, of a certainty. Goodness me, who wants anyone to think that these morons are indicative of real New Jersey or New York people. Quite frankly they are all totally fake. Totally stupid. No one would miss them, any of them.

4) Many media outlets have been asking this question a lot this week... Which Halloween costume do you think will be overdone this year? Ah, what else but the vampire? Suddenly vampires are back in vogue thanks to so many bad shows. Now I remember when Anne Rice's books came out - real vampires, baby, not these model-like people. Vampires were still the underground fun, not just another popular myth brought to the screen by far too many people.

5) If laughter really is the best medicine, what is the worst poison? Jealousy is the worst poison - worst of the worst. It is well known. At least to me. I'm not at all a jealous person - it is a wasteful and stupid emotion and will only serve to keep you alone. Which is all one deserves from a person who considers all others a threat and won't ever trust his or her partner. I refuse to consider all women to be a threat - all the friendships I'd miss out on because of such a silly emotion.

6) What do you think is the most powerful word in the English language? Hmmm. Wow. Well... words I won't use... any word that is racially offensive is exactly that - the most powerful and most terrible. Those words should be excised from the language. We should not have racial epithets that drive humanity apart. All humans are just that - humans - and to define them because of the colour of their skin or the shape of their eyes or anything else like that is just the stupidest thing.

7) Today (Oct. 5) is World Teacher Day. Describe the person who was your favorite teacher when you were in school. Let me see. I had a science teacher, Mrs. Arthur, who was just wonderful. She was a teacher who did not get tenure and suddenly turn into an automaton who just taught by rote and had that dead look. No, she made science fun and funny, great and wonderful. I loved science anyway, but she made it so much more than just a subject I enjoyed. Kudos to her and for not losing that love.

8) This week a list of the "20 Most Congested Cities in the U.S." was released with Oklahoma City and Birmingham, Alabama, listed as the most congested. Do you suffer from seasonal allergies that often leave you congested? All the time. I'm allergic to pollen, dust and mold - so all seasons are on for me. There is no such thing as down time from my allergies. More's the pity, I know.


CrystalChick said…
That Jersey Shore show is pathetic. I do have to admit to watching 'The Housewives of New Jersey' occasionally. I used to watch it pretty regularly but now that it's gotten on pretty much every nerve I have I only tune in briefly when I feel like cringing and rolling my eyes. lol

I still remember my favorite teacher!!
EMT Wench said…
Hiya Sunshine!

You watch Housewives of New Jersey on the telly? Goodness me, why? Aren't you afraid your brains will fall out of your head and dribble away? That is terrible viewing material. I can't imagine that this sort of thing rates much differently than The Jersey Shore. But still, I am embarrassed about both shows. Yikes.

My big thing is that television so clearly panders to the lowest common denominator (the stupidest possible group, which is also your biggest group - let's face it, one person is intelligent, but people are stupid for the most part), so that most of what airs is viewable to the largest viewership, the completely stupid. I see it with sitcoms all the time. Who else would watch television shows with laugh tracks and gag jokes?

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the kind of language that is on nighttime television. It was one thing to have it on NYPD Blue, which always aired at 22:00; but now douche bag or douchy comes out on shows airing at 20:00! When did THAT become okay? How did that become acceptable? And I wonder how many parents monitor carefully what shows and language their smaller kids are picking up from the telly at that early hour? I never thought of myself as a prude but really? I just think humour should work just fine without the incendiary language.


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