Mary Says... Ten Day Meme - Day Two: Loves

Nine Loves

1.  Luis Luis will always be the best part of me, my best friend, my lover.
2.  Friends/family What would we be without friends and family?

3.  Music Life would not be the same without it. And I have incredibly eclectic taste in music; I just finished listening to Rammstein's song Spring and now I am listening to Randy Newman's Pleasantville Suite, so go figure. And of course, the countdown to Coldplay's new CD Mylo Xyloto, out on Monday,  24 October - five days and counting!
4.  Art I'm finally back to drawing and it is as though I never stopped. Pretty cool.
5.  Books Ah, the printed word, more magic than anything else (except music). I've finished rereading The Clan of the Cave Bear and am on the second book, The Valley of the Horses. Soon I will reread the third book, The Mammoth Hunters and then I think there are two more to read after that... Let me see... The Plains of Passage, The Shelters of Stone and hey! A new book, The Land of Painted Caves. Apparently this is the final book in the series. I am also reading Inside Scientology right now. It is well written and confirms what I thought: L. Ron Hubbard was nuts and invented a "religion" to get rich. And people FELL for it! How staggering is that?!

6.  Thai Food What would life be without the richness of Pineapple Fried Rice, Bha-Mee-Kee-Mow and Pramramrongsong? Yum!

7.  Seasons It is a well-established fact that Autumn is by far my favourite season. But even though the seasonal changes kill me, I need to be in a place that has four separate and distinct changes - it is the richness of life. And the cycle of life, too. Someday we will retire to Palm Springs, California. And that sounds like I am giving up the seasons, but Mount San Jacinta is there to give me those seasons any time I want. I loved it there. And in mid-summer it was early spring or late fall up among the lovely pine trees and pine cones the size of my head!

8.  Ambulances/EMS There is nothing as amazing and fun as driving the ambulance and helping people at the worst moments of their lives. And although I am benched at the moment, I can still serve on the E-board, run the Nominations committee, and work tirelessly on the New Rig Committee.

9.  Working/Human Resources I miss the most. I know, it was six months to the day yesterday, but I still mourn for the life I left behind. I know I had to do it. But it still sucks. And I was always meant to be in Human Resources, so I miss my vocation and avocation as much as my just working in general.

The Ten Day 'You' Challenge:
Jeff and Aaron are still participating. Aislinge just joined in. Maybe you will be next? Yes, you should do it! It's alot of fun. 


CrystalChick said…
Awesome love list! We have a few in common.

I would like to see some of your artwork if you'de care to share.

I don't think ambulances are for me. Whenever I see them racing down the road I feel a little sad. And if the paramedics are following, I feel worse. I'm certainly glad there are trained staff aboard, but for us non-medical people they are a bit scary.

I'm sorry you had to leave the job you loved so much.

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