On 28 October, the movie Anonymous will be coming out.

I have to see it. I went to the Web site and it looks incredible ( The music certainly is and I fully expect to find the CD to obtain the music. I really, really want that music! And I strongly suspect that I will want to own the movie on DVD as well.

It looks amazing.

William Shakespeare was without a doubt the greatest author of all time. But what if he wasn't? This movie explores that possibility and it looks good - it looks great. Rhys Ifans (Notting Hill) is in it as the Earl of Oxford and Vanessa Redgrave as the Queen of England. Now, I admit I've only seen Rhys Ifans in Notting Hill as Spike, Hugh Grant's out there roommate. Seeing him as the Earl of Oxford will really be something else, but then most British (well, in his case, Welsh) actors do the opposite - they start in classical roles and then move on to other projects. Rhys did the unusual move.

And who else but a Redgrave could play Queen Elizabeth? OK, that is not completely true... Helen Mirren could do it. She's an incredible actress. But I have no doubt that Vanessa will do an excellent job. I wonder if they would have gone for Lynn Redgrave if she were still alive? Well - either way, it will work out beautifully.

I can't wait!


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