Saturday 9: Someday We'll Be Together

Welcome to Saturday: 9. What we've committed to our readers is that we will post 9 questions every Saturday. Sometimes the post will have a theme, and at other times the questions will be totally unrelated. Those weeks we do "random questions," so-to-speak. We encourage you to visit other participants posts and leave a comment. Because we don't have any rules, it is your choice. We hate rules. We love memes, however, and here is today's meme!

Saturday 9: Someday We'll Be Together

1. Have you ever left a relationship but knew that eventually you'd get back together? No, once it was over, it was over. I might have hoped, but deep down inside, I knew it was over. Why delude myself about it?

2. Are there things that you hate to buy? Items that you either hate to spend perfectly good money on or hate to spend the time it takes to buy them? Sure, there always are. I hate spending money on groceries that will (or may) get eaten and that is the end of them. Or paying the regular household bills for electric, heat, etc. Wouldn't the world be a better place if my money was ALL mine to spend as I see fit? Sigh...

3. What is your favorite cartoon show and why? Hmmm. I suppose it will always be Warner Brothers cartoons - what would the world be without Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny? I never liked the Disney characters, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck - they needed to be a lot more earthy and dangerous. Bugs Bunny brought all that to the party.

4. Are you anywhere close to doing what you wanted to do as a kid? I guess a little. I am an astronomer on my own. I don't have an observatory, but I have my incredible telescope and solar viewer for seeing the sun. So I still get to do it, just not professionally.

5. Now that you're in the "real world," is your current job now really what you want to do for a living? If not, what would you ultimately like to do? Yes, my real work was what I really wanted to do for a living. And I didn't know it until I got into doing it as a temp job and found out just how great a job it was. I have to say it all worked out so very well. I was happy throughout most of my career.

6. A local university has asked you to teach a class about the one thing you know the most about. What would you be teaching and what would the name of the course be? Human Interaction in the Field. I know a lot about dealing with patients and how to work with them, distract them from whatever they are going through, how to get them to admit their fears and then allay those fears so that they won't be fretting the whole ride to the hospital about not just the ride, what is wrong with them, and then how things will go at the hospital. I think a course like that will really help a lot of EMTs and medics.

7. Commercials ... they can make us laugh or can annoy the heck out of us. Tell us about your favorite commercial and/or a commercial you simply loathe. Right now, at this moment, there actually is a commercial I do love! Who'd've thought! I normally never see ads, never have to sit through commercials because we have a - well, two - TiVOs, so it is a form of torture for me to sit through adverts. But there is the one of the kid running around the house dressed as Darth Vader, complete with the Darth Vader music, and he tries his Force on everything. Then he goes out to the car and the father in the kitchen hits the key fob and starts the car. The kid is a little freaked out. But it was such fun to see (I used to dress up as Darth Vader, too - who wouldn't?

Commercials that are annoying far outweigh the ones that are good. I can only think of one good advert. Most of the time, I can't think of any that I like. But the number of annoying ones far outstrips those with a positive connotation. And for the sake of ease, we won't look at the local-yokel adverts that about on smaller television channels that cater to those people. They shouldn't be allowed to make commercials, as they are so obviously substandard. But those are numerous and all bad, so we'll ignore them.

The absolute worst commercial out now is the one for some kind of auto insurance. The main character of the adverts is Flo, a happy-happy (I mean fake happy) person who wants to help you out. Let's all shoot her. She is just SOOOOOOO cheerful that you really want a piano to fall on her. Ugh. I hate fake-happy people, though and I will never buy their coverage as long as I live.

Topper, the best B&W movie
Has anyone noticed one thing? I do remember both adverts and what products they are for, but I cannot, for the life of me, tell you who makes either product. I just don't. I read somewhere that advertisers are happy if consumers love their advert or hate it. But I disagree - I don't recall either product specifically and wouldn't go out and buy either product. So I think that memorable in a good way or a negative way, it still loses the idea of making that specific product stand out with me.

8. Tell us about your favorite comedy movie of all time. I don't know. Most comedies are painfully stupid. I can't think of one at the moment. I do love the Fifth Element, but I don't know if this is a comedy. I wouldn't call it a

9. Tell us about your favorite black and white movie of all time. I only watched one black and white film, Topper. It was really cute. That's all that I have seen in black and white. I'm not big into black and white films.

Thanks so much for joining us again at Saturday: 9. As always, feel free to come back, see who has participated and comment on their posts. In fact sometimes, if you want to read & comment on everyone's responses, you might want to check back again tomorrow. But it is not a rule. We haven’t any rules here. Join us on next Saturday for another version of Saturday: 9, "Just A Silly Meme on a Saturday!" Enjoy your weekend!


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