Hooray for the Internet!

That's right. Why commute in snow if you absolutely do not need to?


I can't help it. I'm not proud that I'm so chicken about driving in snow, I suppose I could suck it up and go in. But the only way that would happen is if I had Luis' 4-wheel drive MDX - and he turned me down this morning. So I opted to stay safe.

Criticise all you want, but I have been an EMT too long to not appreciate the value of not being on the road when the weather is inclement. I see no reason to drive myself crazy. I don't see reasons for driving other drivers crazy (I drive the appropriate speed on coated roads, which is SSSSLLLLOOOOOOWWWW), but quite frankly I could care less if they think I drive too slowly. I have no caring for that. If you think your vehicle drives well in snow, then it doesn't.

The hooray for Internet is that I am very lucky in that I can "break into" my workstation from anywhere in the world. I am able to do everything I need to except for giving actual facetime - but at this time of year, I have always have almost no one to give facetime to. We're shutdown - most of the departments aren't staffed and everything is lovely and quiet. It's not a skeleton staff, it's a low staff.

I'll be interested to see what the courses look like with snow all over them. Now, that is a beautiful scene. I guess just the golfers that are jonesing to play are the ones who can't see the gorgeousness of the fresh snow.

I started this on 12 January 2011 and just caught it now. But I still feel that way. At least now I don't need to call in or out to get out of doing work (I did not see it that way, but I think others may have. And quite frankly, that is just what it is. I won't apologise for the way I feel about snow and other drivers. I took my lumps. I get it. But my life wins, every time. I did this when I worked for Miller Harness, too - but they understood it more. I lived in Parsippany but commuted to East Rutherford.

I guess the really scary part of this is that now it is 30 October and we had seven inches of the heaviest damn snow ever to fall! It was unreal. And while we were very lucky - no power outages here and only many, many branches came down, we would prefer not to see freaky weather like this again! And what does this bode for the rest of winter? Nothing good can come of this...


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