WTF Friday - If The World is Ending Is Typing in All Caps OK?

1) If you're reading this, the world has not ended as Harold Camping has predicted. After a previous failed prediction of the rapture earlier this year, Camping said the world would end on Oct. 21, 2011. If you did know when the world was ending, what is something you'd like to accomplish before its final day? Um, I'm actually in good shape. I really do live each day as though it might be my last. I'm sure I have plenty on my bucket list, but at the moment I haven't the income to do much about it.

2) A judge ordered actress Lindsay Lohan to do community service at a morgue, mostly doing janitorial work including cleaning and stocking restrooms, mopping floors and washing sheets that the facility uses. What do you think would be the worst part of working in a morgue? I suspect I'd love it. I have no problem with the dead - not like I haven't seen enough of them. I wouldn't have any problems with it. Quite frankly, Lindsay Lohan should be disturbed by working there, knowing that she will be there all too soon as a body. What, what do you mean that is inappropriate? It's not as if that is not the case.

3) In honor of today (Oct. 21) being Reptile Awareness Day... Do snakes and/or other reptiles scare you? Not even a little bit. We had neighbours at the New York Renaissance Festival with snakes and there are pictures of me wearing them. I love snakes. Other reptiles are just as cool to me.

4) Next Friday, "In Time" will open in theaters across the U.S. featuring a society in which time has become the currency. In its trailer, a cup of coffee costs you 4 minutes of your life. Do you think your eating/drinking habits would change if you learned how many minutes an item was shaving off your life? Jeez. What am I supposed to do, not eat? Not drink? I mean, I might understand alcohol costing 4 whole minutes, but tea should not be worth more than 4 seconds. And what would every meal run?

5) Maxim magazine just introduced me to the website Work Poop, on which you can calculate how much of your paycheck goes down the office toilet. (Click here to test it out.) Had you ever wondered how much money you make while using the restroom at work? No, but I don't spend more than a minute or two just to empty the tank and return to work. It never occurred to me to gauge my time in the loo.

6) What's something that always makes you roll your eyes? Gross misspellings and abuse of apostrophes. That just makes me really, really crazy.

7) Tomorrow (Oct. 22) is Cap Locks Day. Does it bother you when people type in all CAPS? Of course it does. As one who knows only English, it is considered rude to type in all caps, as it is the equivalent to shouting. I've told people who do this as their normal fashion of typing and they have reasons - not being able to see print unless it is all caps, etc. I don't get that. One can change the size of everything on the screen in the Control Settings. Why yell because you cannot see the typeface?

8) Tomorrow is also National Nut Day. Do you prefer crunchy or creamy peanut butter? I always prefer creamy peanut butter. It's so... creamy! :)


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