Are You a Citizen of the World?

How many friends do you have that were born in foreign countries?
One or two
At least a few

Do you speak any languages other than your native language?
You speak another language (or two)
You speak another language well enough to travel using it

How many countries have you visited?
Just your own
A few
At least a half dozen

Do you ever get your news from a source outside your country?
Occasionally, yes
No, you hardly pay attention to the news
Almost every day

How many international causes or issues do you follow?
At least a couple.
A lot. You're very into environmentalism, human rights, and / or social justice.
Not any, really

How much do you know about world history?
More than what you studied in school
Not as much as you'd like to
A good amount. You're trying to read up on world history as much as possible.

How effected are you by natural disasters around the world?
It makes you sad, but you don't do much to help
You donate whatever you can do make a difference
It doesn't really effect you

You are a Model Citizen of the World
You care deeply about the world, and you do everything you can to help.

You feel like the injustices in the world are your injustices, and you fight to fix them.

You have a deep appreciation for the differences that make up the world.

You feel like you have something to gain from every culture and country.


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