Calendar Girls

I'm relaxing, stuffed, kind of getting in that mood for riding. We have a concert standby tonight and it will be fun, and it'll be great to see Car 65 and the others. Assuming the weather doesn't squash this event... there are clearly storms moving through. How do these things happen? All along, even this morning, the NOAA report read that it will be hot but no storms until Saturday. When I left work I could see the stack cumulous clouds. As I drove to Parsippany, I could see them turning into stratocumulous clouds. Don't mess with me, I know weather. I know clouds. Someone missed the mark on this. Humidity is not a requirement to have storms, just heat. And we have definitely had heat!

98 degrees Farenheit today. The humidity was not as low as yesterday, which reached what had to be a record low of 29%. It was 40% - still quite low. I'm told it would get worse as the week progressed and it is Thursday already. Even if it is humid tomorrow and Saturday, I won't be unhappy - it has been a glorious week.

Anyway, in an effort to relax and knowing that there is nothing of any worth on the TiVO (sometimes summer has its downside), I'm watching Calendar Girls, a charming movie set in England about a pair of women who set up a nude calendar to raise money. The money is for a settee (couch) for the relatives' room of a hospital. One of the women's husband died from cancer so they set up a calendar depicting a different woman from the WI on each month, nude but artfully concealed by flowers or pastries or an artist's palette. It is very funny, very moving and very good.

So my question is: what would you do for charity?

The second question is: would you be photographed naked?

I know my answer and any of you who know me also know the answer to the second query: in a heartbeat! I already have, but none in print (probably just as well).

The first question is easily answered: I do charity every Thursday night and what would I do? Well... be up to my elbows in human liquids? Body parts? Deal with drunks? Yes, to all of it. I do it for many reasons, but to give to the community is the biggie.

It's now the 21st and I want to get this posted, so here it is...


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