I don't think so...

I took one of these dopey quizzes on FaceBook and in my past life I was...

Richard Pryor.

And it said: "Of all of your past lives, Richard was your most prominent. IF your dreams are ever filled with visions of swanky parties, lounging with friends, drinks with women, and lots of adoring fans, then you're remembering your past experience of being the most prominent and prolific black comedian in America. You ooze a carefree and charismatic personality and the world is your oyster for it."

I doubt it. For one thing, I remember Richard Pryor. I can't have been him and me at the same time. Second, ethnically speaking, it is unlikely that I am milky-white Caucasian me and an older American-African guy with a colourful drug history. And how did that happen? I was born in 1968 and Richard Pryor died in the last - what - ten years? I'm not ten years old (thank the gods).

Think I'm giving up on the whole FaceBook quiz thing.


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