What's Your Money Personality?

Uh-oh... I'm in trouble now!

How would you describe your spending habits?
You buy as little as you need, and even sometimes put off important purchases.
You buy whatever you want now, and you figure you'll pay for it later.
You end up buying a lot of stuff you don't need. In fact, you have so many things, you forgot where you got them all.
You buy only what you need. You understand the difference between what you need and what you want.

How would you describe your saving habits?
Any savings you have are pure coincidence. You don't save as a matter of habit.
You don't really have much in savings to speak of. You do, however, have a lot of debt.
You have a lot of money in savings. Savings come first.
You save a percentage of your income every month.

If a friend asked you for a big loan (as much as you make in a month), would you loan out the money?
Yes, but you would just give them the money as a gift. No strings attached.
Probably not. Not unless it was a truly life or death emergency and you had lots of extra funds.
You would loan them whatever you have.
You would consider it, but only if it was written out in a contract.

If you bought a home, how would you do it?
Get a modest home, and pay mostly cash
Get whatever loan you could for the biggest home you could afford
You can't imagine ever being in the position to buy a home
Get a sensible loan for a house that you can afford

How would you describe the nuts and bolts of your finances?
You don't have many bills - and you always pay them on time
You pay the minimum on your bills, and take out a new credit card when you need more funds
You pay your bills on time, and you're paying down any debt that you have ahead of schedule
You pay whatever bills you can, but you've also racked up a lot of debt

This should be an interesting answer. My money habits are erratic...

Your Money Personality is Chaotic
When it comes to money, you don't know how much is really coming in or going out. And you don't know how much you need to live... and possibly how much you have right now. You spend recklessly on whatever strikes you at the moment. And as far as savings go, you don't have any. You're lucky if you make it to the next paycheck. You need to start keeping track of what you spend, what you save, and what you have. It may not be pretty, but it's better to know than not know!
Yup. Hit that nail right on the head!


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