Saturday Six: Episode 216

1. Is the glass half-empty or half-full?

It's always full. Even when it is half-full, it is really full. I'm a very positive person.

2. Are you more of your own worst critic, or do you tend to be everyone else’s worst critic instead?

Oh, my own, definitely. I'm very hard on myself in general. I may critisize others but I recognise their good qualities, as well.

3. How do you feel about technological advances: are you generally optimistic that a new system will make life better or worse?

Normally, better. I do, however, wonder at what price? Many are good but then, many that are designed to make your life easier also detract from skills you once used and kept honed. Such as cell phone memory. I noticed that people who rely on giving voice commands to their cell phones have forgotten phone numbers that were firmly committed to memory.

4. Take the quiz: Are you too negative?

OK, I will. I guarantee you I know the answer to this.

5. A friend asks you opinion about something, and you know that being honest might hurt his or her feelings. How honest are you likely to be?

Honest but not hurtful. It is a disservice to not be honest. Why are they asking your opinion if they don't really want it or only want to hear one answer knowing full well that it may not be your true answer? It's like when women ask their spouses/boy- or girlfriend how they like a dress or do they look fat? Most men are onto the fact that this is a trick question and that they are taking a huge chance on answering this... Who needs that?

6. You see a panhandler on the street: which tends to be closer to your immediate impression: that he’s a good person who’s down on his luck or a bad person who doesn’t want to work?

I can honestly say that I don't know and won't assume that I do. I can't assume that I can guess at their situation. I suspect that they are down on their luck, rather than syphoning off the system... then they wouldn't be panhandling, would they? So I would have to say the former.

Are You Too Negative?
After you've seen a movie that everyone loves, you're likely to:
Understand why people like it, but also see a few problems with it.
Absolutely hate it. You're a tough critic.
Totally love it. You love all types of movies.

Your friends are:
Annoying and screwed up, but you tolerate them anyway.
Amazing people. That's why they're your friends!
Human like everyone else... but a little better than most humans.

What do you think of the city you live in?
It totally sucks. You can't wait to get out.
It's probably better than most, but it has a few problems.
You love your city. You are proud of where you live.

In your opinion, most people:
Have good intentions but tend to be a little naive
Have low standards for their lives and are too easily impressed
Do the best they can - and do a pretty good job

If you find a flaw in something or someone, you:
Notice it, but try to keep it to yourself.
May notice it for a second, but you try to look past it quickly.
Speak up about it. You aren't afraid of pointing out flaws.

When you're around people you know:
You give them a frank perspective on things
You tend to bum them out
Everyone perks up a little more

Your sense of humor tends to be:

You Are a Positive Person
No one would accuse you of being too negative! You're a naturally upbeat and optimistic person. Like everyone else, you come across things you can't stand every day. But unlike everyone else, you ignore what annoys you and focus on what uplifts you.


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